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People who suffer from candidiasis because of an overgrowth of candida albicans often have multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies. These are signs that their body is toxic and that the typical mechanisms for detoxifying the body are overworked and stressed.

Body Detox

The detoxification of the body and specifically the liver is an important part of the treatment procedure for recovering from Candida.

      • Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and aluminum.
      • Solvents like formaldehyde, toluene and acetone.
      • Polycyclic hydrocarbons that are elements of pesticides and pesticides – such as DDT, dioxin, 2,4,5-T, 2,4-D.
      • The halogenated compounds PCB and PCP.

We are aware that our vulnerability to chemical is most likely large as the annual production of artificial pesticides exceeds 1.4 billion pounds in america alone. This means it is hard to avoid being exposed to substances. The liver of every individual will have a constant load of chemicals to process. The capability of our livers to process these and other substances will determine our health and for that reason also the health of our immune systems. When a candida overgrowth can also be within our bodies that the toxic load on the liver is increased.

Liver Care

Although the liver isn’t technically thought of as an organ of the immune system that the liver does create substances needed by the immune system. Some of these substances created by the liver are involved in the destruction of cancer cells and other harmful materials. Damage to the liver is regarded as one of the underlying causes of the development of chronic candidiasis, in addition to, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic diseases. Even if the liver is only slightly damaged by toxic chemicals, the immune system could be seriously compromised. The connection between liver damage as well as growing an overgrowth of candida albicans is well documented in both human and animal studies.


There are a lot of approaches necessary to efficiently support the liver so that health can be maintained. These include:

      • Eating whole, fresh (preferably organically grown) foods, with tons of vegetables, nut, seeds and legumes.
      • Living a healthy lifestyle – prevent alcohol and cigarette smoking.
      • Exercising regularly and having rest and lots of sleep.
      • Drinking loads of filtered water.
      • Taking a good multivitamin and mineral supplement.
      • Using a herbal cleansing program at least one time each year.
      • Avoiding as many chemicals from the environment as you can.
      • Use the colon cleansing program so the poisonous lead on the liver is decreased.

Healthy Foods

There are a number of foods that help to protect the liver from damage and also help improve liver functions. Foods and spices and herbs which are beneficial for the liver and should be included regularly in an anti-candida program include:

      • garlic,
      • legumes,
      • onions,
      • apples and pears,
      • members of the cabbage family, particularly broccoli, Brussels sprouts
      • artichokes,
      • beets,
      • carrots,
      • burdock,
      • dandelion root,
      • yellowdock,
      • rosemary,
      • calendula,
      • turmeric and cinnamon.


Taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement is critical for managing toxic chemicals. Vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin E are important for protecting the liver from damage and also for assisting in the detoxification procedure. The B group vitamins, calcium and trace minerals are also essential for the removal of heavy metals in the body.

Our liver is a really important organ for health. It’s vital (among other purposes ) for the elimination of toxic compounds from our own body and for the production of chemicals required by our immune system. Without an effectively functioning liver our bodies are more prone to the development of a candida overgrowth. Moreover a wholesome diet and lifestyle it is strongly recommended that you take a great multivitamin and mineral supplement every day and utilize herbal remedy to detoxify your liver at least annually and adhere to the colon cleansing program. (Use the navigation buttons to the left of this page to discover the products you will need to recover your health.)