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This will eventually kill you!” Echoed in my mind as the doctor continued his spiel on high blood pressure. As he continued , I started to think of my loved ones and what could happen to them when I died. And lastly, I remembered thinking “Is my life in its last years?”


It’s crazy the details we recall during the turning points in our life. The fantastic news is my client who wrote this to me is elevated blood pressure-free as he puts it,”the healthiest he’s ever felt”. But how did he do it?

And why did he pick to a natural high blood pressure remedy rather than the popular conventional medication?

Natural or Synthetic?

The ‘silent killer’! That’s the nickname given to high blood pressure since it takes over 50,000 lives each year and that’s a fairly generous figure. If you include cardiovascular related diseases you could probably double that figure. Butif you think how many men and women suffer with this killer; this figure is reasonably low.

But if you’re aware, should you decide on a natural therapy or a synthetic therapy? Unfortunately, most people select the synthetic treatment since this is advised by your doctor. And even more unfortunately, some folks pop a pill and totally forget to watch their diet, exercise and frequently watch their score. But do you need to decide on the over-priced medication?

No! Almost 90 percent of victims could cure their elevated blood pressure naturally but are unaware of the. This is what a doctor and nutrition expert said,”Today over prescribing and overuse of mind-altering medications do a lot more harm than good in our society.” Many times, just a few simple lifestyle changes are required rather than an over-priced pill with harmful side-effects.

Here is just one of the various ways to reduce your score. BERRIES!

Natural Remedy- Berries

Why are berries the newest natural health rave? Because they are everything a wholesome body needs: low calories, higher Vitamin C and high nitrate fiber. Next time you’re out in town, notice how many juice stores are popping up on virtually every block. There’s a reason for this and it’s to do with the amazing power of berries.

Treatment ideas

Four cups of fruit

Nutrition experts recommend at least 4 cups of fruit every day. A better tip is to take 2 cups of blueberries or strawberries every day and the rest is the choice.

Stock up

Stock up when berries are in season. Freezing fresh fruit is always going to save you a great deal of money in those long winter season. June and July are a great time to stock up.


A cup of strawberries contains only 53 calories. Strawberries are full of magnesium, calcium, folic acid and potassium. Studies have proven that potassium and magnesium are two essential minerals in lowering your stress.


A cup of blueberries contains just 83 calories. Blueberries are rich in Vitamin C, minerals, lutein, phytochemicals and anthocyanosides (antioxidants). As you may have guessed, study has also concluded that these berries may also lower the risk of this disorder.

Five Fiber

We recommend to our clients to receive a few servings of fruit every day. This may be difficult for many people, but if you work up to it slowly, you will find it is not much of a problem. A glass of orange juice at breakfast, a banana (high in potassium) to get a bite and about 16 grapes as an after-dinner treat gets down three servings.

If you get 5 servings of fat-soluble fiber (fruit), then you’ll find a change in your health and you’ll see it if you test your stress.