Woman pouring eucalyptus essential oil into bowl on wooden table

Most essential oils consumers only get a reference book that provides a long list of requirements that every oil is supposed to be great for. The essential oil treatment for each malady among the list seems to be equally as effective as each other. But they are not. Then, when we try them, we wonder why a specific oil doesn’t do the job for us and we lose faith in these awesome aromatic gifts from nature. This casual approach to medical aromatherapy gives our entire industry a black eye.

Which Essential Oils Really Are Best Natural Remedies?

It’s easy to comprehend why enterprising network marketing companies would need their vendors to invest in a massive group of oils and reference books asserting a lengthy list of miraculous cures for virtually everything. But the simple fact is, based on verifiable science, they do not all work in addition to those books and providers claim for everything on the list.

An easy solution would be to go back to the French medical reference books and also use some of their research to rank the oils by efficacy. For instance, in certain French texts you’ll find a set of plus signs indicating the efficacy of a specific oil or blend of oils.

Four or five plus signs indicates an exceptionally effective oil for a specific use. Three crosses is a superb oil, but fewer or two crosses indicates only great to modest value. You’ll also find these signs indicating how successful a particular essential oil therapy is for a variety of conditions and various procedures of use.

For example you will hear network marketers praise oils for frequent, well-known ailments like diabetes where just two and signs in the French literature. You’re better off focusing on far more effective and predictable uses of essential oils together with as many as five and signs. They’re excellent for influenza, shingles, insect bites, and first and second degree burns.

Here’s my proposal for people who are searching for real value from the essential oils, and I guarantee you will truly find outstanding curative value. Look into the top dozen bestselling oils. Learn all you can about them. Order them and use them to determine how successful they are in your life. Because of your specific group of health conditions, you may not need oils for joint pain, but might need more oils for disease. You may find them more effective for reducing relaxing or stress gastric distress.

Here are my top dozen, most affordable single oils, those with a lot of and signs in the French clinical literature. I use them all the time:

Tea tree, lavender, peppermint, spearmint, geranium, basil, oregano, thyme, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, frankincense, and fir.

These oils always work for me, I do not need to guess what they will do. I can rely on them, and I do not try to invent fantastic, popular-sounding ways to use them just so I can sell more. There are a lot more oils that will become your favorites as you try them, but find the basic ones first and learn how to use them.