Appetite Suppressants

Weight loss medications are usually divided in two types – fat binders and appetite suppressants. For obese individuals, the latter would be the most promising weight loss product. In the past few years herbal appetite suppressants are collecting more and more attention, as a growing number of people are trying to find new ways to lose unwanted pounds. While there are only few available fat binders, appetite suppressants come of higher diversity. The can simply be split in two classes – prescription and herbal appetite suppressants.

Herbal alternatives

Luckily prescription appetite suppressants have options that are safer and at exactly the exact same time effective. Herbal appetite suppressants come in wide selection, but “herbal” does not mean 100% secure. In reality there are a lot of herbal supplements that you need to avoid, or at least use with care. There’s an additional set of herbal diet supplements which has limited effectiveness and is not likely to make you slimmer without placing great efforts on your diet and exercises.

What to Prevent

There are lots of herbal supplements that you ought to avoid. Ephedra is one of the supplements which were banned because it’s serious side effects.

Here are a few more products to prevent;

  • Guarana – A natural remedy to weight loss that’s caffeine substance, attributed to have a stimulating impact of the nervous system. As a weight loss product it’s total waste of money and time, it is easily replaced by coffee in good quantities. Also it doesn’t have any appetite suppressing potential. It’s more likely to feel paranoid and nervous than lose weight. Yerba mate and caffeine may do exactly the same.
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) – it is thought to stimulate liver to make more bile acids, thus increasing fat breakdown. This has nothing to do with appetite, it merely increases fat absorption.
  • Garcinia Cambodia / Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA, Citrine) – It’s considered to lower the production of glycogen in the liver and muscle cells, also reducing appetite. In the Textbook of Natural Medicine warns, it is crucial to keep a low-fat diet whilst taking HCA, differently HCA won’t work. Low-fat diet will work without HCA.

What to Search for

As you can see herbal appetite suppressants aren’t as harmless. There are just a few of these that safely can be used for weight reduction, even if taken for a long time period.

Stevia – it’s an herb that’s considered to have appetite suppressing properties. However, it’s herb that’s sweet and can be utilised as a sweetener, substituting sugar. It will not stop cravings for food.

Hoodia – widely known and promoted herbal appetite suppressant. It’s done for reason – it’s by far the strongest appetite suppressor. It showed its efficacy and security and is the herbal appetite suppressant of first option. The major problem is where to find really pure Hoodia gordonii product.

Green Tea – If you would like to try it’s in mind that it contains caffeine and has exactly the identical unwanted side effects such as guarana and partner. However, a cup or two of green tea per day may replace your caffeine intake

Make your decision wisely

As you can see many of those advertised as herbal or natural are harmful or have limited effectiveness when it comes to weight reduction. You must always think of the advantages of taking these products.