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It is highly recommended that elementary children collect 30-60 minutes and developmentally-appropriate physical activity from many different activities daily and shouldn’t have prolonged periods of inactivity.

Qi Gon Routine

The very first qigong routine ever developed was frolicking like or imitating animals.

Regardless of your illness, age, shape, or dimensions, physical and mental wellbeing are all about moving chi or energy.

And that is what moving, twisting, turning, and freezing like a t’ai chi or yoga creature does-stimulate,move and develop our energy!

Even children experiencing psychological or physical challenges will benefit from pretending to be a potent animal simply by performing to their own degree of flexibility, capacity, and enjoyment.

Moving like Animals

Many research studies show remarkable results can even be accomplished by children who just imagine and feel as though they are moving like an animal while staying perfectly still and silent.

Pretending to be an eagle, bear, tiger, dragon, gorilla, deer, and monkey will rotate your children’s bodies around 95 percentage of the ways they may be rotated. The next nearest western exercise to this is swimming, which only rotates about 65 percentage of their human body’s potential movement.

Pretending to be strong, graceful animals provides all the benefits of a rigorous work out but, since it isn’t strenuous, it’s no potentially harmful side effects.

Yoga, Tai chi, and Qigong’s Health Benefits

It’s benefits have been studied for almost 2,000 years in China and India.

In the past 20 years, western clinical research has rapidly found what Chinese medication has realized, that yoga, tai chi, and qigong provide more advantages than any other single exercise.That’s why they are quickly becoming part of America’s push towards self help and recovery.

Other forms of exercise such as jogging, for instance, improve circulation but don’t directly benefit our internal organs such as creature frolicking.

Imitating Creatures

That will help out with the natural development of your child’s body. That may be sleek and graceful like a bull, trimming and strong just like a tiger, fast and agile like a monkey, or bulky and strong like a gorilla. But it will not be obese and out of shape.

While having fun pretending to be these chi creatures, your kids are naturally and easily growing their own bodies and minds.


Playing along with these special Chi creatures improves circulation, which fortifies the immune system. With a stronger immune system, your child may experience less sick days and the sick days they do encounter will look less traumatic. They will have more time to perform and do what they love to perform as their physical and psychological wellbeing become stronger and stronger.

Playing like creatures integrates the body and mind, skeletal and muscular systems, and left and right brain, leading to improvements in overall athletic ability and the capability to control the body’s functions and capabilities.

Children’s heads and bodies grow at extraordinary rates, so they’re always having to work with new and distinct bodies, which makes coordination and balance a large issue. Research has demonstrated that creature frolicking strengthens equilibrium, so your child can experience a lifelong gift of coordination and balance.

Regular Practice

In addition, a regular practice of animal frolicking can physiologically alleviate back pain, improve posture and bone density, limber joints up, improve muscle tone, possibly assist with MS, help with ADD and ADHD, improve breathing capacity, calm the central nervous system, help ensure a complete variety of mobility, and decrease the amount of stress hormones in addition to asthma and allergies reactions.

Frolicking such as graceful, strong, and magnificent animals is a safe, enjoyable, and effective way for children to keep excellent physical and mental health which they will carry into adulthood and help them succeed in all they do!

Frolicking can also be among the best relievers of arthritis, which affects many kids as well as adults.