Basket of various fruits in the sunlight on a meadow with yellow flowers.

Raw food diet is a natural asthma treatment that addresses asthma issues at the root. Many individuals with long term asthma do not understand that the origin of their asthma might be simply because of their diet. In today’s contemporary, fast-paced Earth, the daily diet of most folks consist mainly of processed foods. Instead of healthy foods, we consume processed carbohydrates in our diets. And that, unknowingly to our society, is the source of many illnesses and ailments, which are the manifestation of a bad diet, such as asthma.

Medical Therapy Cons

This Therapy can only help to give you short term relief from asthma. Medical drugs can help treat the symptoms of your asthma and possibly, in emergency cases, to give immediate relief that might help to save your life through artificial way of stimulating and opening your breathing airways allowing in oxygen in your lungs. However, it isn’t a long term and holistic treatment. Knowing this fact, among those things that we can do immediately for the sake of our health, is to change our everyday diet.

Raw food diet

It is a diet which primarily consists of raw vegetables and fruits. Occasionally, you might have some seeds and nuts added to the meal. Many individuals who tried this diet regularly after a while discovered their asthma attacks had decreased in frequency and the seriousness of it had lessened.

They also discovered they felt stronger and healthier in general, while it’s asthma because of allergies or work related asthma. They no longer succumbed to chronic fatigue and endure those terrible coughs and wheezing that used to keep them up all night.


There are several myths that creates a barrier to starting a raw food diet. First of all, you don’t need to be eating 100% raw foods to be able for the benefits of it. There are loads of people who get relief from their problems by going into a diet which is 70% raw or even 50% raw. It still might be a little bit of a transition, however, so here is one way for you to have the ability to handle it.

Instead of switching suddenly to raw food entirely, allow your body to become used to the diet change gradually by adding in raw food into your foods. The additional raw food added will automatically cause you to eat less of the unhealthy processed foods section. Try adding a salad, some fruits or vegetables into every meal.