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Piles are known as the Hemorrhoids, bluish and small swellings comprises of the enlarge blood vessels situated outside or inside the anus. Piles are very harmful condition which requires correct and immediate action. There are two particular sorts of piles such as Dry Piles and Bleeding piles. These both types of piles can be cured and correctly handled with Ayurvedic treatment for piles as these remedies are fully free from side effects.

Typs Of Piles

      • Dry Piles – In this condition the inflammation experienced is outside piles. It’s actually an unbearable condition and sufferer encounters steady pain.
      • Bleeding Piles – In this condition the internal piles instigate bleeding. If the bleeding is continuous and excessive it could lead to the anemia condition.

Causes of the piles

      • Constipation
      • Sedentary way of the life
      • Lack of the exercise
      • Bad dietary habits
      • Maintain sitting on the hard seats for prolonged duration
      • Morbid condition of lever

Ayurvedic home remedies

      • Use Juniper and Cypress in your bath or add some drops in the cold bath water bowl.
      • Apply some lotions which has ingredients or extracts of – Morse chestmt and Marigold or Pilecort
      • Use 1 tablespoon of Triphala with the water at your bed time.A poultice/plaster made of sesame seeds will be easily utilized on the bleeding piles as the exterior treatment measure. Moreover, for inside measures, sesame seeds will be taken orally with butter.
      • Intake the decoction of the sonth (dried ginger) in order to remedy the piles. The quantity of sonth should be 30 to 50 ml every day.
      • Triphalachurna – This must be consumed common to stop constipation. Patient can take 2 tablespoon powder combined with lukewarm water earlier than going to mattress. It may be considered as the Ayurvedic remedy for piles.
      • Abhayarista – It’s a very vital measure to prevent acidity and constipation.