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If you’re at a loss regarding what to do to make sure your locks grow healthier, you should try out the advantages of home remedies for hair growth. What better way to guarantee the natural health of your tress than the use of natural remedies right?

The reasons

I am sure you’re wishing for locks that could rival that of a child’s. A kid’s hair is arguably the lightest, the best and the shiniest. Young tress strands have not fully seen the unpleasant effects of environmental hazards.

So just what are the reasons why we can’t have beautifully grown tresses? I’ll clue you in on these variables.

Too much sun exposure

We’re all probably aware of the effects of too much sun exposure to the skin. But it can be equally as detrimental to the scalp and to the strands. If under the prolonged exposure of sunlight, it may literally be “fried” up causing brittle, brittle strands which could easily break.

The sunlight also zaps the natural luster and moisture of our tresses and may even bleach it, taking away its normal color. So next time you hit the beach, ensure to not only have sun block with you, but also a fashionable broad brimmed hat.

Lack of nutrition

Lack of essential minerals and vitamins can reflect in our tresses. In actuality, it’s extremely common to find undernourished teeners on the brink of losing their crowning glory.

Our locks don’t only require TLC on the exterior, but also on the inside. Otherwise, it will badly execute its expansion procedure.

Fungal Infection

For those who have a case of dandruff, then you have a notion that this is an itchy problem that could destroy the follicles. If the follicles don’t function well, it is going to die an unnatural death, resulting in excessive hair loss.


Maybe baldness is operating in your blood. If you suffer from premature baldness, check your family history.


Stress is a significant culprit for most ailments-tress issues included. If we don’t have “down” relaxation or time interval, it can show on our tresses.

It’ll be a fantastic idea to do a fast run down on your lifestyle. For those who have bad habits or refrain to present your tress some needed pampering, this is the ideal time to perform a major 360.

What can help?

Try these home remedies for hair growth:


Getting a load of ginseng may stop baldness. This is a great herbal remedy that could promote better blood flow to improve the development process of these strands. This may also strengthen the strands to avoid breakage.

Aloe Vera

This is one of the herbal remedies which are the favorite ingredient for many shampoo products. You may try plucking a leaf of Aloe Vera and rub the pulp on the scalp. This should effectively excite tress development.


This is not only great for the inside; it’s also great for the outside. It helps promote growth and can nourish the strands for a healthy growth.


If you’ve got dandruff problems, this is the remedy. You can try rubbing the tea form of lavender on your scalp to help nourish it. This may also reduce brittleness.


This is a crude remedy that’s proven to reduce strand fall. Just use the extracts on your scalp and massage it in circular movement.