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Eating metabolism booster foods can help you to lose weight faster and burn more calories during the day. Although there are supplements that help boost your metabolism, by learning how to bring these fostering foods into your daily recipes you won’t just be boosting your metabolism but maintaining it revved up using nature’s own ingredients.

Low Fat or Fat Free Dairy Products

We have all seen the advertisements for milk and their claim that this assists in weight reduction. These advertisements are substantiated by a number of diverse studies. In 1 study of 32 obese individuals on a low calorie diet, the participants on the high dairy diet lost 5 pounds and dropped more than an inch and a half of their waist versus the other participants.

The key ingredient in these metabolism booster foods and beverages is calcium. Calcium gives your metabolism a boost by giving small increases in your body’s core temperature. This promotes increased fat and calorie burn. Recommendation from the experts is to have 3 servings per day of low fat or fat free dairy products to aid with weight loss.

Green Tea and Coffee

Green tea and coffee have caffeine and caffeine speeds up your heart. The faster your heart beats the higher your metabolism. Of course you do not need to be on a caffeine buzz daily, but for a quick jolt to your metabolism, drink a cup of coffee or green tea.

Green tea has another key ingredient that can help boost your metabolism and assist in weight loss. This ingredient is named Epigallo Catechin Gallate or ECGC for short. It’s thought that this is the key component in green tea which boosts metabolism and assists in weight loss.

Hot Peppers

Add some hot peppers to your own recipes to warm things up. These metabolism booster foods such as cayenne peppers, habenaras and jalapeno peppers have a thermagenic property that raises your body temperature. Your metabolism speeds up and burns more calories so as to cool down you. So not only are these fantastic metabolism booster foods that they will add a spicy flavor to any recipe.

Fruits and Veggies

The key to helping enhance your metabolism with veggies and fruits are their high nutrient value and high fibers. Because these foods are nutrient dense, it takes more effort on your body to digest and extract the precious nutrients. The harder your body functions to digest those foods the higher your metabolism and the more calories you burn off.

Vegetables such as grapefruit and oranges are high in vitamin C and this has been demonstrated to help aid with burning fat as well as increasing your metabolism. Apples and pears are high in fiber and low in calories that help with weight loss. For your veggies, the leafy dark green vegetables are best and you should aim to make half of your veggies dark green options. Spinach is a fantastic metabolism booster food as it contains magnesium that is know to help in burning body fat.

Whole Grains

When picking your breads, pastas and cereals, make them whole grain. These intricate carbohydrate foods are high in fiber and also help boost your metabolism by slowing down the release of insulin. When there is excessive insulin in your system your body begins to store foods as fat and slows down your metabolism.

Protein Rich Foods

You need to have protein with every meal to keep your metabolic rate going and help you lose weight. Protein requires more effort to digest than carbs and carbohydrates and is the trick to your metabolism increase. Make your decisions lean and mean with lean cuts of beef, turkey, pork and poultry. Salmon and tuna are another terrific source of protein in addition to Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 can alter the amount of leptin on your body that’s the hormone that could affect your metabolism and helps determine whether you burn off calories or keep foods as fat.

When you are attempting to drop weight, searching for natural metabolism boosters can help you attain your weight loss objectives. So create new recipes or change your present recipes to incorporate these natural metabolism booster foods. They taste great and are easily found in your local grocery store.