dried tea

Blondes are constantly complaining that the impolite “blonde jokes” that they need to face stem from utter jealousy about their lovely golden hair. And needless to say, they’re right. Black hair may be silky and shiny. Brunette hair is really attractive too. But nothing beats a blonde.

Golden Hair

Throughout the ages, people who haven’t been favored by nature to have golden tresses and locks have searched for ways to lighten their hair colour to achieve that unattainable blonde color. The modern day chemist has turned into search to a profitable venture, and millions of blond hair dyes jam the shelves at the supermarket. Then, of course, there’s the famed peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide, a somewhat dangerous compound, can bleach hair blonde – or rather, a pale, clearly fake color that has given rise to the expression “peroxide blonde.”

Some of these dyes are much better than the others. Some of them can, indeed, transform your hair to the shimmering, god-like gold sheen you’re looking for. Others will just make your hair look cluttered.

But the reality is this – all these dyes include side effects. Starting from the frequent baldness to overall hair thinning deterioration, to even effects such as skin disease, hair dyes are a product few people can use without feeling concern for their prized hair. Hydrogen peroxide, though an extremely effective bleach for hair, will leave you with dry, lifeless hair that’s quite tough to style. Additionally, it’s a poisonous and volatile. So how do you achieve clean looking, healthy, enviable pale hair -minus the nasty side effects?

Natural solutions

It may be difficult to believe, but using only a couple organic ingredients you probably have in your home, you can give your hair the pale, beautiful color you’ve always looked for.


The yummy, sweet smelling lemon carries in its tangy skin the ability to bleach your hair to the ideal color. If you’ve got dirty blonde or light brown hair, it is simple to use lemon to this unreachable platinum color. It’s quite straightforward. You take a bottle filled with 2 parts lemon juice and one part water, and scatter your hair, or emphasize a few strands – based on what you’re searching for. Then have a nice long sunbath. Within a week of the very simple procedure, you will realize your hair looking to really go pale.

This works due to the acids in the lemon, which could naturally lighten up the dark pigments on your hair.

The acids in lemon, though, can leave your hair somewhat dry, so make sure you use a conditioner afterwards.

Chamomile tea

Like lemon, chamomile tea, also has the ability to naturally lighten the pigments in your hair, which makes it pale. To use it, first brew a strong pot of chamomile tea for at least half an hourand then allow it to cool. Add approximately 5 tablespoons to a conditioner, and keep the remainder of the tea in a bottle. When washing your hair, use the chamomile tea instead of your regular shampoo. Then condition with all the conditioner you blended.

Chamomile tea works gradually, so be patient and continue applying it till you get to the results you would like.


Cinnamon is a really magic ingredient for bleaching hair. It can make your hair considerably milder, with no side effects that dyes would normally give for the very same results. Here is how to use itground up about 3 table spoons of cinnamon, and combine it with a few tablespoons of your favorite conditioner. Then use the conditioner in your hair, making sure to cover evenly. Put on a shower cap and leave this mixture on for four hours (or overnight). Repeat the process to keep color, or get to the color you would like.


Honey really comprises a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. The sum is so tiny that using honey won’t give you the damaged, dead hair a high concentration peroxide solution is bound to. But it can lighten your hair, and as a bonus, it’s terrific for your hair and the scalp also. You can apply it by mixing 1/3rd cup with 1/4th cup of a conditioner, and keeping it on overnight. It will not work very quickly, and is not too strong, so try mixing this method with others for a quicker, better results.