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The oldest healing tradition in the world is shamanism. It is crude. It is primal. It is a strong practice. Today it would also be categorized by such titles as “holistic healing”, or “integrative medicine”. My beloved calls it “Harmonic Infusion.” I’ve been led to call it “Primordial Healing.”


Some time ago, I read an article entitled, Birthing as a Shamanic Experience by Leslie McIntyre. In the guide, it was said that when a woman gives birth naturally, she’s between two worlds: the world of life and the world of death. This, in and of itself, is a Shamanic experience.

Most times once we hear the term shaman, we think of a guy. This is because the patriarchal mindset had relegated women to a position of assistant or weak in this practice.

All over the Earth, there were and are girls that are extremely powerful shamans. They are called by different names since the term shaman was primarily utilised in Siberia, whereas in other cultures the term was Sangoma, Curandera, Witch, Medicine Woman, or other names used to describe a lady of powerful soul.

Among shamans there are

Inspirational shaman

They’re touched and initiated by soul.

Hereditary shaman

That are trained and experience traditional initiation based on bloodlines.

A shaman is a person who seeks knowledge. They learn about herbs, aromatherapy, midwifery, massage, oracles, charms, spells, songs and a number of other things which can assist them in their practice. It is a never-ending pursuit to do one’s best to aid in the recovery process.

Female Shaman

Many statues of women shamans exist across the world: in North America, Europe, Korea, Africa, Japan, Mexico, South America, Siberia, Taiwan and several other places. It was considered that women were the first shaman and were talented naturally.

In Siberia, the earliest Shamanic tomb found was of a young woman. Mostly all the graves of shaman were women! Cave drawing Europe into South Africa reveal that female shaman were the standard.

One of the reasons that women haven’t been previously recognized as shamans is because in a number of other languages there aren’t any gendered descriptions like the “he” and “she” that we have in the English language where he’s used to describe both male and female.

There is a Huchiol narrative that says women get the call directly from the spirits and that men chose other men to be shamans. In many cases it is thought that women are the most powerful due to their innate abilities.

Many women have forgotten the powers of the natural ability to have their own dreams during their Sacred Moontime or through their Sacred Menopausal Years. It saddens me that more women are unaware of the most profound times in their lives but that’s changing slowly but surely.

When a woman does ritual throughout her Sacred Moontime it is stated that this time is so very strong it may render weapons useless. I cite these Sacred Times since they are connected with the strong energy that women carry obviously. Of class there are some women that are more in tune with their skills and due to certain dreams in the wake or sleep condition, are then initiated to the Shamanic Traditions in an interpersonal, female perspective, which is getting the customer participate in their own healing.

The man Shamanic customs are more heroic, meaning they are doing all of the work for the customer. In my practice I’ve found that when the customer participates in their own recovery, more is accomplished and they feel more connected to the energy of their spiritual being.


Shamanism is making a comeback in the metaphysical world. Many who are relearning and practicing are women. This is a fantastic thing because… “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” – Chinese Proverb