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There tend to be drugs or heavy metal toxins underlying auditory hallucinations. Quantum Brain Healing will start with detoxification the body of toxins and heavy metals and orthomolecular amino acid treatment. It will then incorporate Vitamin IV therapy and acupuncture for twenty remedies.

Alternative Medicine to Treat Auditory Hallucination

Aromatherapy can be attempted as a technique to calm the mind. Hallucinations require several forms of alternative treatment for some patients. Detoxification may solve many hallucinations for individuals with elevated levels of heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides. The patient can recover completely after acupuncture and detoxification. It is critical to remember that substance abuse has to be removed in order for these individuals to get and stay healthy.

Hallucination Alternative Therapies include: Detoxification, Organic diet, Vitamin IV treatment , Aromatherapy, Orthomolecular treatment with amino acids, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation- low frequency, Scalp acupuncture, Chinese patent herbal formulas, Herbs, Auricular acupuncture, Group Cognitive Therapy, Alpha Stim 100.

Quantum Brain Healing will accompany detox with dietary changes such as the elimination of caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and food additives and present a natural diet high in fresh minerals and vitamins.

Whole food established multivitamins and anti-aging supplements and alpha lipoic acid may improve overall health immediately. Green tea taken daily is another fantastic anti-aging drink.

Dietary changes should contain organic decaf coffee, decreased processed foods, spring water, organic fruits, and organic vegetables. Oral chelators can be introduced to the diet on a regular basis to help stop the hallucinations from recurring after treatment. Oral chelators include pectin, organic barley pills, organic wheat grass tablets, cilantro, milk thistle, pectin, garlic, and chlorella. It is quite important to maintain the diet clean so as to deal with this symptom successfully.