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Arthritis is painful. The pain is so debilitating it’s a life-changing. It puts severe limits on their daily tasks for leisure in addition to employment. When requested, an arthritic patient will tell you if they need to place their degree of pain on a scale, it would rank seven to 10, and a few would position theirs off the scale.

Types of arthritis

There are over 100 different kinds of arthritis and other ailments that are associated with it. The main kinds of arthritis are: Fibromyalgia, gout, osteoarthritis, psoriatic, and rheumatoid.

Each of them can result in someone different pain in various ways and this is where professional pain management is useful. The symptoms of pain may vary from using a fever or experiencing a rash.

As debilitating as it is, there’s a reason to having pain. It is you body’s way of supplying to your mind that something is wrong. It is telling your brain that’s has a problem and needs attention. Pain is the body’s natural protective reaction.

Arthritis pain causes

With arthritis and its related diseases, pain is often felt in the body’s joints. Each individual will experience it in various ways from a burning sensation to a tight or tingling sensation. It might be a dull pain consistently or regular sharp pains. Regardless of which sort of pain you’re having, pain management is something which each individual seeks.

The following can lead to arthritis joint pain:

        • Joints inflamed from uric acid crystals build up common with gout
        • Joint and tissue inflammation common in rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
        • Bone rubbing together because cartilage and lubricating fluids are depleted causing the bones to rub against each other, common with osteoarthritis

People are experiencing chronic pain with over half of those believed to be from some type of arthritis. So with such a prevalent problem, you need to wonder if anything could be done in the manner of pain control.

Well, there are drugs galore, both prescription and over-the-counter which will offer pain management. They have to be used correctly and if they are not, which is extremely common, the probable risks are astounding. Even when taken as directed, many can lead to damage after a time period.

Arthritis pain relievers

That is the reason an increasing number of people are willing to explore alternative treatment and therapy to discover that pain relief. And fortunately, there are many options now, some of which we will review here:


TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit is a pocket-sized apparatus, which makes it great as it’s portable, that sends electric current by means of electrodes and cables that are placed on the fields of pain. This isn’t a recommended pain management way of anybody who has infections, open wounds or a pacemaker.

Steroid injections

Corticosteroids or steroids as they’re more commonly known. They will be the artificial version of the hormone cortisol and decrease inflammation, providing pain control.

The right footwear

Over thirty percent of those suffering from osteoarthritis aren’t wearing the appropriate shoes. What researchers have discovered is that shoes which are flexible and flat such as flip-flops or shoes lower the quantity of force that exerted on knee joints as much as 15 percent.

Topical medications

Creams, gels, and stains are popular. They are placed on the area of the body where the pain is experienced and provide sodium channel blockers such as lidocaine or prilocaine.

These are only four ways for a man suffering from arthritis to seek out pain management help. A pain doctor may prescribe one or more of them at the same along with prescription drugs.