Chaste tree (Vitex agunus -castus) blooms in the summer and autumn with light purple aromatic flowers. Leaves and fruits are effective for women's disease as herbal .

Virtually 90% of all women experience a number of the painful and uncomfortable PMS or PMDD issues. These PMS and menstrual symptoms include swollen and painful breasts, cramps, headache, irritability, fatigue, swelling and water retention, and emotional outbreaks. A few of these signs are brought on by hormone fluctuations whereas others are from nutrient deficiencies. Research reveals that there are clear correlations between these PMS menstrual signs and lack of vitamins.


With  our surroundings and way of life, this can be very troublesome to keep up a effectively balanced diet with loads of protein, essential fats, fruits, greens, nuts, seeds and dairy products. Nevertheless we are able to nonetheless can take our each day multivitamins with herbals which can be identified for his or her good impacts on decreasing painful PMS signs. Considered one of them is Chasteberry.

For hundreds of years, Chasteberry has been used to deal with many hormone-related gynecologic circumstances. Chasteberry (Latin name -Vitex agnus-castus), or monk’s pepper, is the fruit of the chaste tree. Chasteberry historically has been identified for its results controlling and regulating the feminine reproductive system. For hundreds of years Europeans used Chasteberry to deal with dysmennorhea or also called disruptive menses and regulate the month-to-month periods in addition to the signs that are related to periods.

A scientific research, which was held in London, reveals that women with PMS who take Chasteberry frequently for 2 weeks had a 60% reduction of symptoms. There are a lot of different PMS natural treatments you can attempt to launch any of those painful signs. And keep in mind that these PMS natural treatments should not only for relieving your PMS signs. They’ll additionally assist to construct your immune system to stop you from future discomforts you might encounter.