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In brief, depersonalization and derealization are forms of dissociation that can turn your life into a frustrating struggle. Equally bothersome sensations like panic attacks, shortness of breath, brain fog, confusion, migraines, obsessive thoughts, depression, and related issues often accompany depersonalization/derealization – such as when the dissociation on its own was not enough. The cause of all of these symptoms is, however, less numerous and is called anxiety.

Depersonalization and Derealization

Many know of the devastating feeling that could cause you to behave in ways your common sense oppresses, avoid situations you want to enjoy, and you generally feel to be guided by fear rather than reason and free will. While almost everyone will be able to taste stress at some time in their lives like during examsothers, more unfortunate, are plagued chronically and their anxiety reaches heights that a casual, satisfied person would never experience even in their worst nightmares.

Everyone deserves comfort and relaxation, but with stress it may be unattainable even when submerged in a hot, bubbly bath with a massive TV screen entertaining you. With depersonalization, anxiety can be even worse than that. The dissociation simply increases the senses of doubt, hopelessness, brain fog, and tendency to fear, all so attribute to stress.

How to Cure Depersonalization or Derealization

Therefore, I’ve devised a list, which borrows from my expertise, psychology and research, to help those needing to alleviate anxiety permanently. I’ve found that adhering to these tips is effective in beating depersonalization, nervousness, and creating a strong immunity to them:


Find few minutes each day to just sit down, relax, and allow your consciousness ramble wherever it takes you while focusing on breathing deeply. Meditating enables your brain to alleviate its tension and enhances your appreciation of the environment by heightening your mental acuity. Even later 10 minutes of meditation, which I attempt to participate in daily, I will feel a noticeable relief.

I found it useful in relieving the emotional numbness and brain fog that goes together with depersonalization. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that people who meditate on a regular basis experience gyrification, or thickening of the cerebral cortex – a brain region associated with self-control, consciousness and intelligence. All of the makes meditation a cheap and flexible anxiety remedy.

Drink water

Drinking lots of water and mostly substituting sweet beverages with water can help you with a whole lot of bodily processes like aiding in blood flow. Drinking water has proven to help decrease the severity of anxiety attacks and so many psychologist/psychiatrist will advise you to do so. Dehydration often contributes to migraines and dizziness, not something which will ameliorate anxiety symptoms. Avoiding sugary drinks prevents potential complications arising from excessive carbohydrate intake like mood swings.


Includes herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins. Supplements are helpful in eradicating individual symptoms. Additionally, part of your anxiety may result from a vitamin or mineral deficiency so you may also take preventative steps by following a healthy diet or supplementing with its essential components.

For me, B-complex, Fish Oil, Lecithin, and L-theanine proved to be of assistance in mitigating anxiety. Fortunately, you will find lots and lots of such useful supplements and therefore don’t hesitate to experiment.

Think about what causes your anxiety

Although anxiety most likely arises from cluttered neural firing or malfunctions in synaptic plasticity, most of us have something in our lives which aggravates our anxieties. You are depersonalized for a reason – extreme anxiety.

Therefore, you will need to allocate the amplifiers and triggers of your anxiety to be able to lessen its intensity and thus reduce depersonalization’s intensity too. You might already be aware about the potential triggers like work/school, dating, existential crisis, and essentially anything possible that might be always in your mind.

You will want to go with your gut feeling on this one

Observe if your anxiety turns worse and consider the immediate past events which may have added to it. For me, the primary offenders were loud, intrusive thoughts constantly narrating what I did with a negative tone, giving me no other choice but to be pessimistic. Yours might be the same or entirely different hence I can’t specifically assure you of what to address.

Once you understand the cue(s), settle on a solution or whether you consider it a crap creation of anxiety just consider it for a minute and admit its absurdity; replicate whenever the problem reappears and it will gradually fade away. Gaining knowledge about anxiety and how it functions is probably the handiest tool you can have, since it allows you to solve the inherent patterns fueling the anxiety.

Therefore, I encourage you to find some books or any sort of information on this specific subject, to expand on what I present here in this confined article, so you get a greater general overview.


These tips work for anxiety in general and both well, as a result of their close connection, for depersonalization and derealization. For those of you who are worried about the frightening perceptual experience – do not be, it’s not permanent if you handle the situation properly.

With depersonalization, it may feel as though life has lost everything positive in it and you won’t ever regain your previous perception and relaxation, but trust me it is only a misleading feeling that will pass. I had been so heavily dissociated I lost all hope of ever feeling alright, but after I chose for doing something to fix it and began feeling increasingly better I felt more relieved than everbefore the perceptual shift struck me.

So do not waste your time obsessing about what might have been different, because that won’t lead anywhere. Go cure that depersonalization once and for all!