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Headaches and migraines have plagued me most of my life. I recall many a miserable day not wanting to see anyone or do anything but put with a ice pack on my head to decrease the pain. During my teenage years, because I had less responsibility than I do today, I usually would select the ice pack in bed and try to sleep it off. If that didn’t work or I couldn’t go to bed. Those who have suffered migraines know it is near impossible to go on with life when you’ve got one. There’s no pretending you feel great when it feels like there’s a 2 x 4 stuck in your mind.

About diet

When got I wed, multiple changes came into my life. Probably among the biggest for me was a significant advancement in my diet. Praise the Lord! The diet changes caused fewer and fewer headaches and almost no migraines. Although they are rare today, I still have headaches from time to time especially when I’m pregnant. I haven’t quite figured out if this is hormonal or because of other difficulties. With Advil from the picture, because of the long-lasting ill effects, I had something else to offer immediate relief. I found this particularly true when pregnant with my second child. My first, that was just 8 months old when I guessed again, still needed my attention even when I felt like I couldn’t get my head off the pillow. After studying and researching extensively, I came across something that was easy, affordable and very effective: Peppermint Essential Oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil

All I do is rub the oil in my temples or where there is pain. This has been a lifesaver for me! I can’t praise its effects ! It gives a cooling sensation that’s much like an ice pack, but keeps me mobile.

We now have two cute smaller children and I often help my husband with our organization. It is now impossible for me to find the time to burn the occasional hassle during our hectic days. The peppermint essential oil has come through for me time and time again. At night, I sleep with an ice pack if I have a headache. To effectively double the cooling effect, I use the peppermint oil also. This provides an enormous amount of relief while I sleep and nearly always completely rids me of my aggravation by morning. The only caution I have is to not use it too often during the day as that would cause my skin to desensitize, which makes it less effective.

Since I almost always have a bottle with me wherever I go, I’ve shared my peppermint oil with several others when they happen to mention that they have a headache. So often they’ve been amazed and thanked me for this effective remedy. Only 1 warning: be careful to avoid contact with the eyes. When this happened to me , I flushed my eye with running water until the burning and pain eased.

Other Uses

About a month ago I had been dealing with the fever and flu. I try and do anything it takes to get better fast, so I immediately began reading anything I could on remedies for fever. I read that clove essential oil may do wonders. However, as I didn’t have some of the clove oil available I tried half a dozen drops of peppermint essential oil in a glass of water. It worked quickly to bring my fever down and I felt markedly better the next morning.

During our recent vacation to Florida, a rash showed up on my thighs. There were spots close to my ankle and one on my thigh. In the beginning, I decided to wait it out a couple of days, hoping it would clear up by itself. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at waiting particularly if it appears to be getting worse. Without my blossoms nearby, I tried rubbing peppermint essential oil on the rash twice per day or whenever it itched. Within two days the rashes cleared up. I am so happy I tried it!

Anytime we come in from outside activities (work or play) and are extremely hot and dried, we drink a few drops of peppermint oil in a glass of water. It’s at once refreshing and rejuvenating. Additionally, it helps if you drink it until you go outside on a hot day or before strenuous exercise to keep your body temperature cool.

Peppermint essential oil can also offer immediate relief for acid reflux, stomach upsets, etc.. Just a few drops added to either cold or hot water does the trick. And our favourite program is in ice cream. My husband enjoys peppermint essential oil in our home made ice cream. I simply add 5 drops or so into a half gallon of the ice cream mix before I freeze it. It makes a terrific minty treat!


Only therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil  is acceptable for internal use. People who have high blood pressure should use caution when using peppermint essential oil . Children under 6 years old or so should avoid the internal use of peppermint essential oil.