Closeup of woman ear

The Chinese have been doing it for centuries, as have other Asian cultures. Increasing amounts of Westerners do it as well. Ear rubbing or ear reflexology that is; massaging of their ears to enhance health, calm the emotions and improve the overall sense of wellbeing. It’s easy, rapid and effective.

Anxiety and Ear Reflexology

Your ears, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a complete medical system that has grown continuously over at least 2500 years, contain reflexology areas that when stimulated by acupuncture needles or finger pressure affect corresponding body parts. For example, if you have stomach problems you’d trigger the stomach reflexology area on each ear; for eye issues, the eye reflexology places.

Anxiety and ear reflexology involves stimulating the heart reflexology areas, and maybe others also, because in TCM stress and nervousness usually is related to the heart. A maximum of four factors would be chosen for any one session, then pressed and simmer for 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times daily, until symptoms subside.

One ear reflexology for anxiety method you can do on your own and others involves using your thumbs and index fingers to gently grip, pull and rub the whole surface of both ears. This is easy to perform and very relaxing. Reflexology may also be performed on other parts of your body. Usually called acupressure, the underlying principles are the same as for reflexology.

While acupressure and ear reflexology are secure self-therapies, you should check with your physician before trying them for the first time.