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Are you sick of paper thin skin that is getting older looking by the day? The skin gets thinner and thinner as it ages since the increase of collagen and elastin is decreased. There are creams, lotions, and natural remedies to thicken skin. How effective they are depends on if they effectively can boost your development of collagen and elastin.

Natural Remedies to Thicken Skin

To increase your development of these very important proteins you will need to appear at the source of the decreased growth. Sure, the aging process itself is a huge cause. But another large one is nutritional deficiency brought on by eating too small nutritious foods or from matters that leech nutrients from your body.

To thicken your skin the very best thing you can begin doing is including tons of healthy foods in your daily diet. Especially organic fresh vegetables, fruit, berries, and other whole foods help rejuvenate your skin. A good idea is also to supplement with natural vitamins, minerals, and omega-3.

You should also avoid things that reduce your nutrient absorption. These are things like smoking, stressing, and an excessive alcohol intake. Things like these damage your body and make your skin age much quicker.

The best lotion for thin skin.

You should use a cream that works to thicken skin naturally by increasing your growth of collagen and elastin. As you begin producing more collagen and elastin your skin will begin becoming thicker and smoother. In order to discover a cream that actually works you will need to appear at the ingredients and find proven successful ones.

Ingredients such as Avocado oil have shown in scientific research with volunteers to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, making their skin tighter, younger and healthier looking. These ingredients are completely natural and when utilized in completely natural skin lotions they generate a synergistic effect, providing a much greater anti-aging impact than just the individual advantages.

The best creams for thin skin do not only have proven ingredients; they also have the ideal amounts of them. Many of those creams out there seem like they are successful, but if you look closer you find that the best ingredients are just added in the minimum quantity. Such lotions are largely ineffective but found anywhere on the market.


To locate the best creams for elderly thin skin locate a business that promises to place the perfect amounts in their products always, however much it costs to manufacture them.