Woman feeling full of positive energy.

At the center of the majority of energy healing modalities is the idea of healing ourselves. Is this what we were built to do, but what our life or programming experiences would have us forget?

Can I Heal Myself?

Why is it that we could adopt the thought of going to a different source for recovery; be it by means of pharmaceuticals or visiting a health care provider such as a Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, or somebody in alternative medicine like an energy healers, massage therapist, herbalist, nutritionist and so on, yet grasping the notion that the ability to cure has ever been inside, seems to be a tricky concept for our logical mind to adopt.

Our inner healer

We have been educated (trained) to call the physician, our mother, our pastor, our therapist or our rabbi once we are sick in mind, body or soul. But we seem to forget to call on our inner understanding or what I call our inner healer.

Recently I had a horrible virus, the kind that lingers for days. While I was awake one night in a full blown war with my body, I started to consider self-healing. What came to me in my feverish/delusional state was that I have been looking at this entire self-healing thing from the wrong perspective. Kind of like from the outside in, rather than the inside out.

My ideas were; if our goal on earth is to remember who we truly are and to go through the lessons that come along with that recalling, what some refer to as an AWAKENING, then the path to do this reside beyond our human body.

Enlightenment is the transcendence of our bodies and the remembrance of our true nature that’s light and love. So why is self-healing so significant? The question becomes can we adopt the concept that we’ve got everything within our being, not our body to heal and transcend.

When we say look within, go within or refer to your inner knowing it’s not a physical reference. It is a reflection within our understanding of our inherent perfection and magnificence. The opening of the portal that enables us to see our body’s inflictions, our negative emotions and our so called disconnection from Source isn’t the way the truth and the light.

When we accept that our bodies and our emotional bodies are only an illusion of the world, something to look beyond, to transcend from, we start to understand that the recovery begins with our link to Source and our inherent Divinity. When we connect and find that we start to transcend the need for our physical bodies to be perfect and whole. Whole and perfect is who we are without the density of our physical and emotional body. This body is only a vehicle to browse this measurement, to teach the lessons it has for us in this embodiment. Heal Yourself is remembering that we aren’t our body.

These statements can sometimes result in a misunderstanding. As when I had been telling you not to find a doctor, a moderate, a pastor, a therapist, etc. for support. This isn’t at all what I’m trying to convey. The lesson here is for us to start to follow our inner knowing.

I feel that the reconnective healing frequencies joins us to a place where we could allow ourselves to be lead to what’s needed. To look within first and ask what is required. Try to not look outside ourselves by asking others what we want. When we all know with internal conviction that we will need to consult with our doctor, moderate, pastor, therapist, healer and then we follow that understanding we are fully engaged in the procedure. It is our understanding that will lead us now we’ll have hearts and ears to really listen to what and how these fans are directing us to heal ourselves.

In this reconnective healing some will undergo a spontaneous bodily recovery, but ALL will undergo a return to equilibrium, by recalling or reconnecting to the “IT” factor which we’ll name Energy, Light and Information in the Source of pure love.

I just wrote lots of fancy words, but most of what I want you to know, what I want you to see is below! Print this, cut it out, laminate it and put it in your back pocket, just in case life will have you forget who you truly are:

      • You are made of light, nothing more nothing less.
      • God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.
      • You would be the voice within, the understanding which has no beginning, no end.
      • You are a divine being, attached to a Source, that the IT variable or what I call God.
      • You are love, not made of love, not experiencing love, not discussing love, not searching for love, you’re LOVE.
      • Enlightenment is the transcendence of our bodies and the remembrance of our true nature that’s light and love.
      • Within that light is energy and information. This energy lighting and information is that you are on your infinite link to pure love.
      • The vastness of the Universe and Universes beyond can’t start to corral the essence that you share with your Source. You are an infinite being connected to all.
      • You aren’t your physical body or body. They are only an illusion of this space and time. The body is something to look beyond or distinguishes from, using the lessons the body may bring.
      • Remembering that we aren’t our body. Healing yourself or self-healing is the allowance of your inner knowing to embrace and embody your heavenly and intrinsic perfection and magnificence.

The frequencies of reconnective healing and personal reconnections direct you to the remembrance or understanding of those details or the Veracity of who you are.

Are you prepared to adopt the VERACITY of who you are?