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If you can not do what you love, you may too love what you do. For several years, I wanted to do something else in life – I didn’t know exactly what that was. I adopted this motto on the job. I had been in the IT industry for twelve years and enjoyed my job, well, nearly.

But deep down, there was a restlessness, a gnawing. It eventually grew and grew until I was desperate to leave my job. This was two decades back. Not wishing to leave a paying job and not knowing what to do next, I spent months fighting my fears, feeling helpless and clueless.


What fears, you may want to know. Fear of moving from the comfort zone. Fear of stepping into the unknown. Fear of not following my heart. Fear of non-acceptance. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of stagnating. Fear of missing out on chances. Fear of financial insecurity. Fear of being ordinary. Fear of not living up to my potential. All types of fears. If they did not exist, I’d make them up. I’d defend them with logic and motives. I complained and I whined – I did not have sufficient abilities, I did not have any abilities, I made the wrong career decisions, I had wasted my entire life, life held no chances for me… and so on. I played the part of a tragedy queen to perfection! In summary, not only did I drive myself crazy, I drove my husband completely nuts. Poor guy! One day, before leaving for work, he scolded me for wallowing in self-pity and negativity. He’d had enough. And so had I. I remember walking up to my computer decided to make a determination. I asked the Universe to show me how. I started browsing the world wide web aimlessly and I came across an article. I don’t recall much of what it was all about but a sentence caught my attention -“Make your decisions based on love, not on fear”. It hit me like a “speeding train”, as a friend would put it. At the moment, that was all that I wanted. I realized how absurd my fears were and how ridiculous I was being.

Higher Power Guide

And I decided I wasn’t going to make my decisions based on fear anymore. If I believed in the Universe, in a higher power, then what am I afraid of? I can not be afraid and believe in a Higher Power at exactly the exact same time. They simply don’t go together. I chose to quit. After I had decided, I went back to check who the author of this article was. It was a Life Coach.

How come I forgot all about it, I thought? Three years before, I had stumbled upon training and I was really interested in it. A personal tragedy made me forget all about it. But it re-entered my life again, and this time I was prepared for it. It was only when I had decided to move forward without fear, the world showed me the way – or putting it otherwise – which I had been able to find the opportunities in front of me. (Ultimately, the energy within you or the Higher Power – they’re all the same – you have to trust one or another or both!)

Changing Mindset from Fear to Love

And that is the way it’s in life. It’s not until you opt to move past your fear that you will see the chances and the possibilities. All of us keep waiting for the opportunities and chances to appear first before we change our mindset. Nah, nah. Change your thoughts, change your mindset, and the chances are going to appear. The moment you change your ideas, the clouds clear up and the sun shows up. The sun is always shining, is not it? All you’ve got to do is rise above the clouds of fear, doubt and worry to spot sunlight. Or examine the other side of the planet. Opportunities, chances, solutions are merely the other side of the coin. Just, F.L.I.P. the coin! Just make the decision right now that you decide to live a life based on love, not fear. And watch your life change…