Flower of a false daisy or yerba de tago plant, Eclipta alba, a traditional medical Ayurveda plant.

The Bhringraj plant is well-known for its hair growth properties, but it surely’s simple to become confused by the numerous names that it is also known by. In case you are searching for natural products that include extract of the Bhringraj plant, then look out for the next names, as they all refer to the same plant.

List of Names

      • bhangra, bhringaraj or bhringraja
      • Eclipta alba
      • Eclipta prostrata
      • False Daisy
      • kehraj
      • karisalankanni
      • yerba de tago
      • maca

The Bhringraj plant

By any of those names is a member of the large Asteraceae family of plants. It may be found rising in the wild in most nations, the place it can be seen growing in damp soil, often at the side of rivers or plantations. It’s recognisable for it’s small white flower, and for growing to a height of up to 200mm. The leaves are green but have an uncommon red tint around the edges and also on the branches of the plant.

When grown commercially, seeds are planted in a fertilizer rich soil and will be harvested after around 12-13 weeks. Subsequently the Bhringraj plant could be re-harvested around each eight weeks. Its popularity as a treatment for hair loss originates from India. Indian Ayurvedic medicine attributes many beneficial properties to the Bhringraj plant and its leaves; however it’s efficient use as a hair loss remedy that’s making it popular more recently in Western culture.

There’s a rising selection of hair loss products becoming available that depend on the hair growth properties of the Bhringraj herb. There are many methods of preparing the Bhringraj plant for application or ingestion, however both Bhringraj powder or Bhringraj oil is favoured for hair loss treatment. One methodology of applying to hair is to boil the leaf juice of the Bhringraj plant and mix with some coconut oil before applying to the hair. This not solely provides body to the hair and natural nutrients to the scalp, but additionally provides a pleasant black sheen to the hair. The powder too can be utilized instead of the leaf juice.

Other Alternatives

Sesame oil mixed with Bhringraj powder can also be utilized to the scalp and hair, conditioning the hair and leaving it beautiful, dark and lustrous. It’s this impact of darkening the hair that makes Bhringraj remedies of particular interest to adults who discover their hair beginning to grey. Through the use of Bhringraj oil adults can make their hair darker and extra beautiful, but also benefit from the Bhringraj plant’s hair growth properties. Customers of Bhringraj oil normally discover that their hair is thicker and healthier.

In Contrast

In contrast to another hair loss treatments, Bhringraj is a herbal product and as such is a truly natural technique to grow hair, stop hair loss and keep your hair looking beautiful with out utilizing dangerous chemical substances. This absence of synthetic ingredients in Bhringraj products makes it the popular choice for many consumers trying to find one of the best product for hair loss. Some people have even reported that their hair regrowth has continued after they’ve stopped using Bhringraj oil.

Bhringraj is sold in both powder and oil form. There are also natural supplements out there for people not so keen on making tea out of the Bhringraj powder. The oil and powder are wonderful remedies for hair loss and thinning hair and might continue to be used to maintain the hair strong and healthy. The oil can be utilized as a pre shampoo treatment or massaged into the scalp the night time before washing the hair. The powder could be added to conditioners and deep hair conditioning treatments.