woman with colorectal cancer concept on the blue backgorund

Colon cancer is also referred to as colorectal cancer. Colon cancer is thought to be a cancerous growth in the appendix, colon and rectum of the human body. Colon cancer is one of those deadly cancers and accounts for a massive number of deaths.

Colon Cancer Prevention Tips

Most people develop colon cancer rather gradually, over many years. The first phase of growth occurs when a mass of cells, tumors or polyps (a bunch of benign tumors) grow inside the colon walls.

Licorice – Colon Cancer Conquerer

Cancer of the colon is the second most frequent cause of cancer deaths in the USA and there are not many preventive strategies available to help combat this scourge. Some reports indicate that a diet high in animal proteins and fats raises the risk for colorectal cancerbut recent evidence has refuted that theory. Other studies have demonstrated that bioactive compounds found in plant foods such as spices might help to counter this disorder. Licorice is the most recent spice to be studied within this context.

Colon Cancer Polyps

Often, colon cancer starts as a small cluster of cells called “colon polyps.” While benign at first, some of these polyps may become cancerous over time. Doctors routinely perform a colonoscopy.

The Common Risk Factors of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one of the worst kinds of cancers. Learn how to recognize the risk factors for it and understand where you’re.

Find out More about Colon Cancer

Anatomically speaking, the colon is the longest portion of the large intestine and the smallest aspect of the digestive tract. Within the colon, salt and water are extracted from solid wastes until the wastes moves through the anus to be excreted through the anus.

Risks of Colon Cancer

Everyone can have colon cancer, fifty year old people and elderly are more vulnerable. Why? As individuals age, the cells do not repair damages in addition to younger individuals, and genetic mutations inside the colon tissue can cause cells to have excess development action.

Beating Colon Cancer

When it comes to reducing your risk of developing colon cancer, there’s a good deal of good news. This is a kind of cancer that usually develops gradually, meaning there’s time to take action to stop it or to detect it before it becomes severe. Take action and overcome colon cancer now!

Is it Genetic?

Colorectal cancer is still one of the most frequent cancers, with over 130,000 cases diagnosed yearly in the USA. As a cause of cancer death, it’s now second only to lung cancer. Although most colon cancer is sporadic, at least 15 percent of cases have some inherited component. Colon cancer is perhaps the most familial of cancers.