Human Heart Anatomy Illustration. 3D render

Like many people I’m overweight. I was obese, and it was not great. Thus far, I’ve dropped sixty pounds and I will tell you that my lungs and heart are thankful for the weight loss. Why am I telling you this? If you’re overweight, it may help both to know that I’ve been there and you may have the ability to benefit from a few of the things I did for this place.

Lungs and Heart

First, allow me to tell you a little about how your lungs and heart are handling the issue. To start with, they’re overworked when we consider more than we should. This just raises the more we consider. Part of the issue, at least in the heart’s viewpoint, is cholesterol and triglycerides. These can block arteries and cause heart attacks.

For your lungs, the issue can be due to gastrointestinal reflux disease. If stomach acid droplets are inadvertently inhaled, they can cause the passages in your lungs to become slimmer. This may result in asthma and other lung problems. If you currently have asthma, it may make things worse.

Tips for Weight Drop

As promised, I will discuss some of the tips I used to drop weight. It’s not simple and it is not quick. It took quite a long time for me to achieve the weight and it took a while to take it off. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. Fast weight loss is very rarely permanent.

Food Diary

This seems absurd, but it’s among the most important things you can do. Write down everything that you put in your mouth, and just how much of it you ate or drank. This does a few things. It makes you less likely to consume something sweet and two it enables you to see where you are able to make improvements. Don’t forget to include”taste tests” when you are cooking and whatever you’re drinking.

Calorie Counting

After lots of studying, I came to the conclusion that my body is a lender and calories are the money. Every morning, I awakened with a 0 balance. Anything I ate or drank were what I had been spending, and everything I did was what paid for this. The goal was that in the end of the day, there could be a ten percent difference between the two. Going for over ten per cent can slow your metabolism and cause you to really gain weight. There are some fantastic on-line calculators that can allow you to know what you’re burning and what you are eating.

Get Moving

I will tell you from personal experience that if you do not exercise, weight loss is near impossible. I used a few techniques in this arena. One is known as the 10,000 steps a day program. You put on a step counter and aim to take ten thousand steps daily. I need to say that the nearest I got to it for the most part was about 6,000, but even that helped.

Our regional park has a walking trail and some exercise equipment. I’d go for about a mile around the track and try do do some of the other exercises. Yes, I felt ridiculous, but it was worthwhile.

If you have ever had an injury that affects your ability to walk, you might discover the following tip useful. I’ve injuries to my knee and back, so walking a track is currently not a fantastic idea. I will do it, but it hurts and it does more damage to the joints. However, that does not mean I get from exercising. When I was stuck in the wheel chair, I did isometrics and what “chair-robics” I could manage. You might need someone to explain how you can do them the first time, but they can help you a fantastic deal.

Now I am doing aquatic physical therapy and exercise. The water offers resistance, but more important it’s a no impact format. If you attempt it, you might notice that it feels good to be moving again. I’ve had no pain problems with all the pool.

On Supplements

I didn’t use any weight loss supplements. I seldom recommend them to others, especially if there’s any prospect of underlying cardiovascular disease. Most of them boost the metabolism, but in so doing, they also increase blood pressure. Hoodia and green tea are the only two which I recommend, and I advise caution then.


It’s always wise to speak to your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. The doctor can tell you which forms of exercise are ideal for you. You might have to visit a nutritionist to establish a excellent low calorie diet. Do not just starve yourself, that’s a dangerous thing to do.