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Heartburn is the common name for GERD, or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Here we’re going to offer you some advice to stop heartburn (GERD) and alleviate the symptoms of the unpleasant condition.

Why Does Heartburn Occur?

GERD, occurs when enzymes and stomach acid escape the gut and grow in the esophagus.

Unlike the stomach, which can be shielded by a thick layer of mucus, the esophagus is vulnerable to damage because of the powerful digestive juices in the stomach and could be damaged over time. More specifically, the GERD effect occurs when the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus is weakened and the pressure between the stomach and esophagus is irregular.

Why is heartburn so disagreeable?

When the pressure in the gut is too high or the pressure in the stomach is too low, with the sphincter is relaxed, the stomach acid can flow backward, up to the esophagus.

This is always experienced as an unpleasant burning sensation which slowly travels upward from the stomach to the throat, along with a sour, bitter taste in the mouth.

The stomach digestive fluids also can reach the upper esophagus and trachea, causing or worsening Various ailments, such as asthma, chronic Cough, sinusitis (swelling of the uterus ), pneumonia, and other.

What are the causes?

GERD can be caused by any number of reasons, but normally the listing includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:

Side effects of certain drugs, pregnancy, obesity, menopause, inherited traits, big and too regular meals, poor dietary habits, smoking, surgical or other damage to the lower esophageal sphincter, esophagitis, and reclining too soon after a meal.

Quite naturally you need to see your health care provider if you have this condition, and if it persists over one occasion once in a while.

The taking of over-the-counter antacid remedies can actually worsen the problem by weakening the digestive process (because of the drug’s rebound effect), and because they nearly always contain heavy metals (magnesium or aluminum )and may have adverse consequences to the neurological system.

Rules To Avoid Heartburn

There are a number of basic rules, some foods to avoid, and a sleeping place that are demonstrated to limit, and even remove GERD and the GERD effect.

Rules to follow

  • Don’t eat after than 3 hours before strategy to sleep. Generally, try to eat early in the day, and always make the evening meal a mild one.
  • Reduce your weight.
  • Přestat kouřit
  • Don’t wear very tight clothing that could constrict the abdomen
  • Generally don’t eat big meals, but smaller ones, and in the day before reclining, don’t consume any food on the limited list.
  • Before sleeping, spend a few moments at a window and do some deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

This will energize your nervous system and can aid in the prevention of GERD if the other steps are also followed.

Dietary Restrictions: The evening meal shouldn’t be large, or heavy, and completed no more than 3 hours prior to your planned sleep.

Potraviny, kterým se vyhnout

There are a number of foods that have to be avoided, and the following list is indicative only it’s a guide to sensible evening eating. Using the word”prevent” below, we don’t mean remove, but if you’re planning to eat some of these, eat them sparingly.

  • Avoid all acid containing foods (such as tea, coffee, chocolate, orange juice, cranberry juice, tomatoes and tomato sauce), hot foods (like garlic and cibule). Avoid all soft drinks like coca-cola and Pepsi cola, and except for particular natural mineral intestinal waters, all soda water in any form.
  • Avoid fatty and fried foods
  • Avoid any alcohol, peppermint/spearmint, and chocolate.
  • Avoid as much as possible dairy products, including cheese, egg and egg-containing products.
  • Finally, avoid all chewing gum, and any type of sugar, desserts or sweets.

The list above may appear prohibitive, but any of the foods consumed in surplus before sleep may worsen and aggravate the GERD condition.

Avoid Heartburn Physical Measures

Arrange your mattress and pillows to support your shoulders, and then lift your truck into a 15degree angle. This physical limitation does wonders (using gravity) to limit the GERD effect.