Image of a woman in a white dress and 3d model of the liver between her hands. Concept of healthy liver and donation.

Turning back the clock to texture, look and be younger. Is it really possible or is it all hype? This is what I will tell you…

Zdravá játra

A wholesome liver makes living younger simpler. And according to scientific research from Europe and the USA, there are strategies you can implement to rejuvenate your liver for fat reduction, beginning now –not tomorrow.

Liver nad Metabolism

Fat metabolism is one of important functions of the liver. Fats are broken down to fatty acids and triglycerides. The organ is also the significant site for converting carbohydrates and fats Into their absorbable components. Any excess protein, fat and carbs is exported and stored in the adipose tissue.

The liver’s job is also to filter the blood that comes in the digestive tract, before it’s passed on to the remainder of the body. To put it differently, before your body can gain access to the nutrients on a cellular level,, the blood will have to pass through the liver.

During this processes the liver detoxifies and gets rid of damaging by-products and chemicals. It metabolizes drugs also. It keeps the blood sparkling clean and ready for use.

Have you ever heard about bile?

If not, continue reading. Bile is the liquid which breaks down fats in the small intestine during digestion.

Bile is a greenish liquid that helps us to keep our cholesterol in check by breaking it down. Bile is made by the liver. It secretes bile into the gallbladder, where it’s stored until it ends up back in the intestines.

How your liver becomes inefficient

There are chemicals and situation that make the liver’s growth less effective. These include:

      • Léky
      • Dieta
      • Dysfunctional family relations


Over the counter drugs are taken by many people for managing chronic diseases and ailments.

Medication is metabolized in the liver. Some medicines are toxic and may take a toll on the liver. Try to limit this possibility. Read the label carefully to learn the side effects of any drugs you currently take.

And how about your diet?

An unbalanced diet-too much protein combined with limited carbohydrate intake –might have harmful effects on your health.

The excessive amounts of protein, as some popular diets promote, overtaxes the liver by putting an excess burden of its work-load. Alcohol does require a number in your liver also. Ok, in little doses, as other foods, alcohol is secure. But long-term alcohol misuse will harm your liver.

Emotions hurt your liver’s growth

The liver is the most important organ representing our inner being and the “one” self. Troubled family time can sends its pain to an organ. Usually, it’s the weakest link.

The liver is the recipient of family guilt and the worries of our deeper self, he says. This creates stress. Researchers aren’t sure about the specific mechanics but stress encourages the body to produce more energy in the shape of fatty acids and glucose.

This is harmful to your liver. When stressed, the liver has a diminished ability to rid itself of excess cholesterol.

Stress also activates a variety of inflammatory processes, which raises cholesterol production. These three variables slow down your liver function and ages your liver-and you.

Resetting your liver’s age clock

To keep your liver youthful for fat loss, there are simple strategies which you can implement. The ideal news-they’re all things which you eat!

      • Pampeliška – The liver detoxifier is also referred to as a weed. For those who have a garden, it’s despised and destroyed with pesticides. Let it be. Go to the area and choose some dandelion leaves to your salad. Or visit the farmers or health food industry.
      • Beets – Ahh, the benefits of the beets. Most of us love them or hate them. Whatever the case, beets have a chemical called betaine. Betaine encourages the liver cells to eliminate toxins. Also it enables the bile ducts and reduces inflammation. Juicing or grating to a salad works well to find this ingredient in your diet to get a liver flush. For best results, consume your beets raw rather than cooked.
      • Fiber – Fiber helps to absorb bile and cholesterol. The more fiber you’ve got on your diet the better, for your liver as fiber absorbs toxins in the body. Here are some suggestions to increase your fiber: consume more fennel, radishes, kale, collard greens, cauliflower, green peppers, red peppers,
      • Lemon Juice – Bile is essential for your cholesterol. Again, it breaks down fat. Lemon juice is called a bile emulsifier among a number of other benefits. Clients had excellent success in helping their digestion by getting the juice of one lemon in water each day.
      • Bentonite Clay – What? Never heard of it before? Bentonite clay is among the most flexible and inexpensive organic treatments available. It’s made up of aged volcanic ash found in various areas of the world. It re-mineralizes cells and cells, alkalizes and protects the body against radiation. Besides cleansing the liver, skin and colon, this clay accounts the bacteria in the digestive tract, improves nutrient assimilation and strengthens the immune system. Where can you get it? Look up for “Sonne 7”. How does it taste? Tasteless.
      • Positive attitude – A positive prognosis really works to reduce depression and negativity. It can help you cope with stressful situations. Stress may be an aggravating factor that increases your level of bad cholesterol. Take a breather and do not sweat the small stuff.
      • Massage – Your liver needs a loving touch also. Massage it gently once you take a hot bath. Where’s it located? On your right side, just below the rib cage. Use a circular motion.


The liver is a vital element when it comes to weight loss and fat reduction. If natural weight loss, childhood and never ending energy is your goal, start with one strategy listed above and begin implementing new ones as you go. Prevent boredom and burn-out. Staying fit and healthy isn’t a one-day project. Make it interesting. Get educated and have fun doing it.