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Natural Remedies has existed for quite a long time and they’ve become increasingly popular with American folks today. How natural remedies assist the human body would be to take advantage of the body’s natural recovery process and boost overall wellbeing. It gives an alternative approach to prescribed drugs which may have undesirable side effects.

Natural Remedies

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that natural remedies don’t have any side effect. They still have side effects and it’s highly advisable that you consult your family physician or qualified pharmacist before you start to start on any herbal remedies regime. There’s a enormous choice of natural remedies available in the market which you could pick from. I’ll begin with two famous natural food.


Pineapple is a excellent tropical fruit when it comes to asthma relief. Pineapple comprises a nutrient named Bromelain that comes from pineapple stems helps to consume quercetin better. Quercetin a natural antihistamine will help stabilize mast cells and prevents the release of histamines that caused inflammation within our body.

Coldwater fish cod

Coldwater fish such as cod, mackerel and herring are also great natural anti-inflammatory agents also. They contain omega 3 fatty acids, the nutritional supplement many girls on nutritional supplements are often raving about. You can discover omega 3 fatty acids in flax seed oil also. Omega 3 fatty acids help asthma by improving the forced expiratory volume for asthmatic. You breathe a great deal easier with greater FEV.

Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies that enhance asthma are the ones which have anti-inflammatory properties. One very good example is going to be licorice. Licorice includes a component called glycyrrhizin that helps to soothe asthma symptoms. However, do take note that ginger can raise blood pressure, so it a huge no for those suffering from hypertension and for people who don’t to take it in moderation.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is another natural remedy that may improve mental sharpness can be proven to have the ability to decrease the incidence of asthma symptoms. Another plant extract named Pycnogenol. This extract is particularly most acceptable for children and teenagers, people which are still in their growing years. This extract has been proven to ease mild to moderate asthma as a result of the strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Bach Flower

One flower named Bach Flower is successful in managing stress. If stress continues to be causing your asthma, then this is the natural remedy for you. To use this blossom, simply put 4 drops of this blossom extract into a 1-ounce bottle full of spring water that’s three quarter full. If you would like to, you could always add apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin as a preservative.

Consume the water four times daily at regular interval. A fantastic time to take the water will be in the morning after you wake up, during lunch, another at tea break and finally the last one until you sleep. If you discover the taste excruciating, you might decide to simply moisturize the water in your lips.


Needless to say, that isn’t all of the natural remedies on the market. There are even more than I can mention on this report. Take note to always consult with a professional before attempting any new herbal remedies because not all remedies is safe for consumption.