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Headaches are common. When we stay up late, we’re likely to have a headache next morning. When we sleep in too long, we’re going to have a headache. When we over-indulge in alcohol or food a hassle often follows. When we are over-anxious or nervous about something, on comes a hassle! If there’s too much drumbeat, or heavy noise and sound, it is going to make our heads pound.


Too many snacks or cheese may give us headache. Eyestrain can cause headaches. Insufficient fresh air or too long in air conditioning can cause headaches. Hormonal imbalance and for girls,’time of the month’ headaches are common. If we become constipated, a headache can grow. Accident or injury creates extreme headaches. Liver congestion is a frequent cause of headache and this always requires less abundant diet.

Generally, along with these issues and lots of others which can result in headaches, the typical victim will reach for the gingivitis and it’s ironical, which sometimes even these are sometimes known to have a negative effect and also to cause inflamed stomach lining or even aggravation!

Naturlig behandling

If we can discover simple, natural ways to relieve headaches, if they create dullness, sharp pain or throbbing and there isn’t any serious condition diagnosed, it’s a far safer and better route to follow.

Naturopathic clinics offer us a wide range of techniques and remedies in addition to the traditional Asian healing methods like acupuncture and acupressure. We can try home methods and usually something will suit your individual condition. If not, then professional massage, aromatherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, herbal or relaxation treatment is usually easily available.

We could even use our own mind in self-help. We can try out the technique used by hypnotherapists and use repetitive autosuggestion to cure ourselves. The mind has become known for its unbelievable potential for self-healing but we’re shy to explore the options. The symptom of headache however, offers us a fantastic chance to employ safe and drugless methods in trying mind control over our own body frailties.

Grandma’s Remedies

Many cabin remedies called ‘Grandma’s’ common home care methods of the previous century are now forgotten or have been reversed, but there are many that still remain as legitimate treatment for simple complaints.

Apply cold compress to the forehead. Sit with your feet in warm water for a couple of minutes whilst cold is applied to the head. Sit upright in a darkened room and meditate for a few minutes. Sitting upright with eyes shut and spine vertical fro a couple of minutes and imagining the cool blue or green colors sometimes works magic. Learn how to establish a couple of minutes of regular rhythmic and deeper breathing. Inhale 10 deep breaths of peppermint oil, lemon oil, or lavender.

Grandma’s remedy was to inhale camphor for a couple of deep breaths. Try steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil. Massage your neck and shoulder muscles as best you can under a hot shower. Lay flat on the ground and practice relaxation. Massage the temples and press the back of the neck to the skull to locate any sore spots. Try keeping medium pressure for a few seconds at a time.

Drinking a very hot cup of tea, either green tea or will often relieve a headache in a few minutes. Timian tea is useful, fresh from the garden, or dried. Ingefær, peppermint, rosemary, feverfew or chamomile tea will also be trustworthy. Other men and women sip hot coffee and discover it better than painkillers. Using acupressure on the big toe – clamping the thumb and forefinger and holding for a couple of minutes is occasionally effective. Reflexology recommends massage and pressure of the thumb and its foundation. Indication of the’right place’ to apply pressure is due to its sensitivity or soreness. Iron and calcium in the diet are important to prevent headaches.

Eating a light snack often helps. Including diluted lemon juice and grapefruit juice in the diet helps cleanse the liver. Walking or moderate exercise can be great but caution as you attempt it as it can be that it irritates your condition – so proceed carefully initially. Usually silence is best but a few find soothing songs useful. Writing in your daily journal, for those who have a headache at the end of the day, can provide relief from nervous tension and the stress in the day. Talking to a confidante can ease your mind and emotions.

The body chemistry can easily fix to fix the signs of frequent headache if you provide an opportunity for relaxed and calm conditions, which might be far more a reliable aid than reaching for compound drugs that have some sort of side effect.

It’s much more challenging to have the ability to know the cause of your headaches, to have the ability to discover an easy and organic means of self-help as a way to go back to your usual cheerfulness and relaxed mood with emotional relaxation and no negative physical reactions.


Self understanding means that maybe a headache won’t need to be endured , as soon as you understand what caused it. Feeling confident you could help yourself and avoid any trouble in the future is an excellent feeling.