buddha sculpture at the water with bamboo branch

Does the term “spiritual” seem inappropriate combined with the concept of a warrior? There’s a spiritual tradition in many cultures which clarifies the warrior of the higher course. The Tibetans, Buddhists and Yaqui Indians are known for this description of their religious journey. And what I want is to share the increased light and wisdom that’s available to all of us.

The Spiritual Warrior braves hardships, isolation and ridicule to help others, improve the world and live the religious manner. The route of Spiritual Warrior includes being able to know yourself – looking at the dark sides of yourself and its hidden shadows. Being a Spiritual Warrior means being able to confront our own fears and create change in our lives. The Buddhists know it takes guts to remain committed and follow the eight fold path to enlightenment. The American Indians make decisions for the tribe by remembering and being accountable for seven future generations.

The typical human lives either averting battle to keep life pleasant and pleasurable or, in “fighting for control of life” by stepping on others, beating them out and getting Earth’s treasures for the ego self. This flight or fight response to life situations has generated victor tyrants and mistreated victims, neither are happy or feeling full and fulfilled within. We see this in our homes and around the world between nations and races. Doing exactly what “seems” expedient for the now – beating up someone physically/emotionally or retreating and preventing conflict – just leaves the issue to continue. The spiritual path includes working to address problems for all time!

But do not be deluded into believing that we’ll eliminate battle on our learning course. Conflict is a continuous challenge facing us all. It will continue to be so as long as we’ve got something to comprehend and learn or till we no longer want to provide the gift of helping others. Conflict is particularly more pronounced in the life span of a Spiritual Warrior since he or she has selected and dedicated to a lifetime of transformation, growth, helping others and developing a larger quality life. Being on Earth is battle – we’re strong infinite spiritual beings experiencing an unlimited limiting physical universe. If darkness doesn’t exist, there’ll be no wonderful appreciation of Light. The battle between light and darkness will always”be”, but it just me and you that will choose how we want to feel.

If there’s 1 thing you will remember and incorporate into every cell of your body and mind, it’s this – “LET US STOP EQUATING CONFLICT WITH SUFFERING”. Conflict in life is a way to extend our spiritual, psychological, emotional and even physical power. It’s a call to learning and growth. A warrior answers the challenge and moves ahead despite appearing difficulties. If we say we would like to learn, we’ve taken up the banner . But let us be loving wise warriors functioning (not fighting) for good for all unto the seventh generation.

To remove suffering we could follow the Buddhist eight fold path of right views, right intention, right speech, right actions, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

Buddha taught, “Now, the cessation of suffering is to stop from attachment. Attachment originates in craving, and craving originates in ignorance. To stop from suffering, stop from attachment; to stop from attachment, stop from craving; to stop from craving, stop from ignorance.”

The eternal conflict is grow and learn or suffer. The path of the warrior includes surrender of personal self to spiritual leadership, surrender of what no longer serves you or Spirit, surrender of what’s no longer accurate, surrender of what is not loving and surrender of ignorance therefore we can be wise. On this path we’ll risk being misunderstood, hurt, not looking great or even feeling foolish. It means being prepared to be a “student” or “newcomer” in life regardless of what our earthly age.

The Avatars of the world were (and still are) spiritual warriors, as are our cultural personalities of each age. By joining the group of religious warriors now we work to assist our own advancement, we encourage others in what’s good and we all over the world (and all of the Universe).