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As we mentioned in previous posts, infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. It affects more than 5 million couples and lots of times more on earth. Because of an unawareness of remedies, just 10% seek help from specialists.

Overcome Female Infertility

We have spent the majority of the time in this series talking conventional and Chinese medication for treating fertility. I believe it’s the best time to change the subject by discussing the best way to treat female infertility using the Chinese herb: bupleurum.

Bupleurum is also called Bei Chai Hu. They are a really large genus of plants and they belong to the household Apiaceae (Umbelliferae). It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries in treating ailments, and fever and liver issues.

How bupleurum effects female fertility


It not only helps to improve kidney function in urinary extraction, but additionally, it restores it’s role in regulating the steroid growth hormone, resulting in hormone balancing and lowering the chance of irregular menstrual cycle.

Kidney yin deficiency

It is regarded as a cool to cold herb, thereby it is helpful to discharge over abundant yang qi that obstructs the normal procedure for egg production and increases the chance of irregular menstrual cycle.

Immune system

Bupleurum is also an immune function tonic with the trendy to Cold side. Besides assisting the immune system in fighting against germs and virus invasion, in addition, it enables the immune system to recognize sperm are part of the body’s tissue and not to attack them. It works well if the disease is due to abrnormal immune function in yin qi deficiency.

Spleen function

It also has an impact in spleen role in production of insulin which helps to decrease the risk of insulin fluctuation, causing the production of certain hormones (such as serotonin) and disrupting the hormone production (progesterone), thereby increasing the possibility of fertility.

Blood circulation

It is stated that bupleurum will help to decrease the amount of cholesterol and triglyceride, therefore it helps to enhance the function of the heart, but also increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs, leading to lessening the risk of infertility

Liver qi stagnation

The herb is thought to have a liver tonic effect that helps to discharge liver qi stagnation because of toxins accumulating in the body, resulting in abnormalities of the liver in regulating the spleen’s role in insulin production. This contributes to hormone imbalance and an irregular menstrual cycle. Also a sluggish liver reduces it’s role in essential fatty acid metabolism, resulting in an over-production of particular hormones in the prostaglandins family. This contributes to menstrual cramps and pain, and an overactive uterus which affects the odds of fertility.


It can cause

        • Reflux
        • Kvalme
        • Increase bowel movement

If over dose.