bark of medicinal plant cat's claw, uncaria tomentosa

Cats Claw

Cats Claw is a medicinal Herb in the Forest of Peru. It has attracted lots of interest in the quest for natural medical care. The plant is very important in treating arthritis, allergies, diabetes, bursitis, lupus, chronic fatigue, cancer, depression, herpes, menstrual irregularities and stomach and intestinal disorders.

The Peruvian rain forest herb was used to treat ulcers and cancer for over 20 years since its discovery.

Things to look for

The anti-inflammatory drug compounds of cat’s claw have been shown to be efficient in treating arthritis and other joint disorders. The anti-cancer medication components explored in study on the mutagenic ability to form bind in evaluation smokers’ urine. The Unique cat’s claw alkaloids enhance the immune system.

The alkaloids have an influence on the ability of white blood cells to overwhelm and digest harmful micro-organisms. When isolated from the organic ingredient, Alkaloid has been demonstrated to be helpful in stimulating the immune system. The most resistant – active alkaloid is called iso pteropodine.

Cat’s claw is also known to increase the production of leukocytes from the human body, especially the T4 lymphocytes, therefore able to block many viral illnesses.

The herb thwarts viral infections and helps chemically sensitive patients, to combat infections in AIDS and reduce the development of several skin tumors and cysts. The pure herb is also known to increase stamina and vitality in patients suffering from physical and mental exhaustion from leading a stressful lifestyle.

How to take Cat’s Claw

When considering the use of herbal supplements, talk with your physician before consuming any nutritional supplements. You can also consult a doctor who’s trained in the wisdom of herbal/health medicines.

If you decide to use cat’s claw assortment of herbs, use it as directed on the package, or as directed by a doctor or a pharmacist, and other trained healthcare providers. Do not eat more than is indicated on the product label.

Do not utilize unique kinds of the peruvian herb at exactly the exact same time without medical advice. (Liquid, pills, teas, tincture) consuming a variety of formulations increases the chance of an overdose which might be fatal.

If you’ve got a scheduled operation, stop taking the herbal medication for 2 weeks before the major surgery date.

If you have prescription drugs; don’t blend these with natural medicine. Confirm with your physician the best possible method

Consult with your doctor if the treatment with cat’s claws medicine doesn’t improve, or if the symptoms get worse while using this medication.


Cats claw has numerous therapeutic applications that transcend other famous herbal medications such as Echinacea, and Golden Seal. Cat’s claw also detoxifies the intestinal tract system and cures stomach and bowel infections.