Bottles of essential oil with cedar wood chips on a table

In any flea control efforts you need to eliminate and treat fleas in the environment (both indoors and outdoors) and out of the creature AND these attempts have to be accomplished concurrently to succeed. There is plenty of incorrect information circulating around the Internet so I thought I’d get into some of the superior natural flea treatment options and among the best is cedar or cedarwood.

Flea Control Secrets

Many flea treatment alternative remedies are in fact repellents. This means that they won’t really kill the fleas (or insects) but rather keep them away from pets and from the environment. Not long ago folk medicine and old fashioned home remedies really used lots of common sense and goods found from right inside the household to effectively eliminate fleas.

Growing up, I recall the soothing smell of cedar chests, the fresh scent of the cedar chips in the morning dew out in the garden, and was astonished at the number of closets were made from cedar to repel moths. Now I loved the smell, but the reason cedar was used so often is that cedarwood functions as a wonderful deterrent and repellent for many unique kinds of insects.

In the middle ages, the bubonic plague was being spread by fleas so cedarwood was burnt to fumigate the roads and houses to get rid of the ecto-parasites. In more modern times, cedarwood oil has been approved for repelling moths and for use as a pet tag (or collar) and a liquid which may be sprayed on animal bedding.

Cedarwood oils come from trees at the botanical family Cupressaceae (true cedars, junipers, and cypresses). Since its enrollment, cedarwood is regarded as a excellent choice for less toxic flea control in the garden, the house, laundry, and around pets.

For instance, when used in the garden along with other biological aides, such as parasitic nematodes, cedar chips might help eliminate fleas before they could spread and enter to your dwelling.

Within the family, lots of men and women use cedar shavings inside pet beds. For use on animals, there are industrial cedar pet shampoos, cedar pet flea repellent sprays, and a complete firm committed to producing cedar products to thwart fleas and other insects.

Safer uses occur in the environment rather than on the creature –unless the item is labeled as safe for pets. Many cedar flea home remedy tips exist.

Natural Flea Remedy

Cleaning Solutions

Add drops of cedar oil to their steam cleaner or floor cleaning alternatives so the cedar essence pleasantly permeates their residence whilst adding to other flea control approaches.

Linen & Fabric Sprays

Add a few drops of cedarwood oil into at least 2 cups of water and set into a spray bottle and to spritz clothes and sheets (or other bedding). You can even add a bit to dryer softener sheets.


Used in closets and around the home these products can help keep insects at bay and can be put almost anywhere.

Finally, when using any aromatic herb or essential oil on pets always consult your vet –because many natural products can be poisonous to pets. Don’t overlook that since our sense of smell isn’t as astute as our pets, use any aromatic with a little restraint.