Chaga tea - a strong antioxidant, boosts immune system, has detox quality, improves digestive.

Siberian Chaga mushroom is a famous Russian folk remedy used to prevent and cure cancer since early times. It had been noticed that where people used to drink chaga tea rather than ordinary tea that the cases of cancers were rather rare. There’s a whole lot of information on net already about chaga mushroom. I would like to discuss the way chaga mushroom is used in cancer treatment, prevention and recovery from chemotherapy and if there are any side effects and counter signs.

Herbal treatment and Chaga Mushroom

Herbal therapy is commonly used in oncology as a support for medical treatment of cancer and healing following the chemotherapy. It strengthens the curative effect of different medicines. Chaga mushroom is one of the herbal remedies that’s best used as a support for anti tumor treatment.

Siberian chaga mushroom is a highly effective remedy on its own but its properties may also be improved with other herbs, all of these are anti cancer active also.

With Other herbs

      • Sweet flag
      • Calendula blossoms
      • St. John’s wort
      • Plantain

These herbs can be brewed as tea in equal proportions. It is possible to add 2 tsp of chaga decoction to them and drink it 3-4 times daily.

For many Diseases

It’s worthwhile to mention that the following herbs are used for treatment of cancers of gastrointestinal tract and abdominal cavity:

      • Røllike (bud )
      • Rose hips (fruit)
      • Wormwood (bud )
      • Licorice root
      • Pine buds

Natural Recipe

These herbs may be used with the following recipe:

Soak all ingredients for 1 hour in water (1 part of dry herbs and 10 parts of water). Boil it. Then use a method known as”water bath” – place a bowl or a spoonful with mixture in another saucepan with boiling water and keep it there on a really low heat for two hours. Remove from the heating and leave it for 24 hrs. Strain, add a tiny bit of apple and honey vinegar, mix all of it. Store the mix in the refrigerator and take 1 cup 30 minutes before food 3 times daily. Use it for two weeks as an excess support for therapy with chaga mushroom.

It’s necessary to stick to the dose and time directions as the side effects can occur. First of all there may be an allergy on herbs. Also there is an evidence of effective chaga treatment used together with a decoction of red berries of guilder-rose. It may be used in treatment of stomach and duodenum cancer.

About Chaga Therapy

As a general rule there are two methods of chaga therapy. First methods is to use it for 3 weeks with short breaks (for a week) and another one is to use it for short periods but a lot of times in long term in a year.

The first method reveals quicker results but the next scheme is used to combine the outcomes of therapy and to stop metastases.

Counter Indications

There are a few limitations you need to remember if you think chaga therapy. It’s very important to stick to them to get better outcomes.

Don’t use chaga treatment if you:

      • take glucose intravenously
      • take antibiotics particularly penicillin associated
      • have dysentery and chronic colitis

One thing that has to be seriously considered during chaga mushroom treatment is sticking to a vegetarian diet. You need to limit your meat consumption and totally avoid all animal fats, eaten foods, salty and spicy food.