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If you suffer from acne, you have no more have to be troubled. Try the steps below to claim back a clearer skin, your confidence and self-esteem that acne has been robbing you. But remember that success requires time to achieve, and therefore don’t give up and you’ll find a smoother skin shortly.

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      • You can try cooking oatmeal, applying it on the face for approximately 15 minutes followed by washing.
      • Or, you can prepare a warm tub and blanch with rosemary together with brændenælde to remove or lower your acne.
      • Or, you may apply equal amounts of rose water and lemon juice with the support of a cotton ball and leaving the program on for around thirty minutes, and then washing and repeating this routine for at least fourteen days.
      • Or, you may apply lavender oil on the affected region to help soothe irritated skin. Also, you may try using sea salt and tea tree oil to help the pimples dry.
      • You can try washing your face with a gentle acne cleanser then wash your face with the mixture of sea salt and distilled water. Afterwards, you might use or gently rub the affected area with lemon juice then wash it with pure glycerin. After the regular, use benzoyl peroxide to help your pimples dry.

The above are natural remedies you can try at home. Apply the steps everyday till you see improvement in your skin. The key in using home remedies for acne is to attempt to learn what is best and what actually works for you.

If you must use allopathic acne treatments, then you might choose to use low level of antibiotics, such as tetracycline. The problem with allopathic acne treatments is they’re very likely to produce side effects. There might also be long-term consequences because it’s normal for the body to become resistant to antibiotics after prolonged use. As bacteria aren’t the major cause of acne, such acne treatments shouldn’t be utilised in the long run.


      • it’s quite important that you ought to keep your skin dry and clean most of the time.
      • You want to gently wash your face and other affected areas of your skin with clean water and mild soap once or twice a day.
      • To exfoliate the affected are of your skin, simply dab it lightly with clean water.
      • don’t use any alcohol based products to wash you face since this may cause irritations on the affected place.
      • When washing your face, begin in the chin, working upward and then rinsing thoroughly. Don’t press or rub the affected region, but pat dry that area gently with clean soft towels.
      • Be careful not to touch the affected area with your hands or some other objects. Do not squeeze pimples or acne since this could cause them to infections and potential scarring. Always remember your purpose should be to relieve your distress and to not do more injury on your skin.

Touching the affected area of your skin is only going to make things worst so just leave your acne alone. Moreover, you must stop looking at your face in the mirror. If you keep checking the acne on your face every minute or so, you will make yourself more anxious and self-conscious

Avoid Aggravating Your Skin

      • To stop more acne outbreaks on your skin, avoid using milky cleansers and cosmetic products that contain oils, because oil can further clog up your pores and will cause more irritations.
      • Try to do without make-up until now once the inflammations in your face have eliminated up. If you have to put make up on, consult with a dermatologist on which kinds of make-up you need to use. Do not just wear anything on your face should you not need more flare-ups to happen.
      • Try not to expose your irritated skin to direct sunlight for a long time period. If you need to work outside, wear a wide brim hat that will shade your face, since the warmth of the sun could cause more harm to your irritated skin.

When Nothing Else Works

However if after following the steps above and the flare-ups in your face persist or gets worse, you will need to see a physician and ask how to reduce and treat your individual acne. If you’re affected with severe acne, it may leave your skin scarred and blemished. Therefore you need to be certain you seek medical aid as soon as possible if you discover that your acne is getting worst.