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Everybody is talking now about the law of attraction. What’s the law of attraction? In short the law of attraction states that “whatever we hold in our minds, our bodies start moving toward the topic of what we’re thinking.”

Examples of Laws of Attraction

If you are considering going shopping by way of example, you start to access the important thought regions of the brain that involve comparison shopping. You start planning the route you’re going to take and the actions you want to choose to make purchases. You’re activating the law of attraction. Soon you’ll be shopping.

If you’re a child considering playing baseball, then the muscles you will need to hit and throw a baseball are being triggered, before you set out to play on the baseball diamond. The law of attraction is triggered as you move towards your goal of playing baseball for the day. Your body and mind are in complete harmony.

Stress and the Law of Attraction

When the ideas triggering stress and more correctly, the effects of stress become firmly entrenched in our minds, the law of attraction is put into play. Whatever we had planned in our minds ahead become a moot point. As we take stress as our prevailing idea our bodies move toward much more stress.

Why is this so? We’re activating the law of attraction. We’re moving toward a target, and thought or a prevailing idea. Unfortunately, we’re moving toward a harmful target, but our bodies and minds are moving exactly the same. The impacts of our anxiety become magnified as our bodies move to become in harmony with our minds.

What step can I take to get rid of stress when utilizing the law of attraction?

The biggest step you can take to get rid of anxiety is to take its active power away. The best way to do that is to overcome the effects of stress before they have an opportunity to gain momentum.

Largest step to conquer stress: Breath

Every day, concentrate on breathing deeply. When you develop into a stressful situation, when you allow stress to become your prevailing thought for the day, you’ll discover that your breathing shallows. Your heartbeat goes faster, your blood pressure elevates, and sometimes you get that pounding sensation in your heart.

So as to defeat stress and trigger the law of attraction in favor of your objectives, you want to have a deep breathing break whenever and wherever you are. Do not await a particular time or place. If you wait for a particular time or location and stress has already set in, your task of removing anxiety is going to be a Herculean effort as you’ll be fighting against the law of attraction at the point.

Post a note on your mobile phone memo pad or note pad, or send yourself a text message, that says just 1 word. . .breathe. Post sticky notes onto your personal computer or work desk. As you study your computer sticky notes or mobile phone memo pad, take a long slow deep breath.

Inhale very gradually. As you exhale, push all the tension from your lungs.

Take two or three long, slow deep breaths. This will cost you nothing in time, however it will produce an enormous return on investment in attaining your objectives, as you’ll have your mind and body moving in harmony to employ the law of attraction on the job and at home.

The law of attraction is working all the time for you. Sometimes it works against you, particularly in stressful situations. You want to defeat stress before it takes hold. The best way to defeat anxiety is by focusing on deep breathing throughout the day, particularly when you’re not feeling the effects of anxiety, yet. Post notes around your workplace and home and start to breathe deeply as you recognize these notes.