Pink Roses in Volksgarten Vienna Austria

If you’re looking for an enjoyable pastime and love being outdoors gardening and to grow the roses just may be for you. It’s among the most rewarding of gardening and for good reason. For centuries the old garden rose into the modern rose of now was adored, admired and highly regarded and appreciated. Their remarkable elegance of many colours from their petals of different shapes to each of the various fragrances that catch you makes it one of the greatest flowers to grow and enjoy. With only a little knowledge of how to care for roses you can also enjoy these gorgeous plants at home no matter where you may live.

Rose Gardening

Rose gardening may be simpler than you might think by simply following some principles that the plant needs to flourish. First, begin by knowing the kinds of roses best suited to your planting zone. Some of the most common and popular types are Tea Roses, Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda, Polyanthus, Shrub Roses and of course the Old Garden and Species Roses.

Floribunda Roses

also referred to as the “cluster-flowered”, keep vivid flowers in organic bouquets and supply a great deal of colour in the garden. They make great landscaping shrubs. Floribunda comes from crosses of polyantha and hybrid teas. They’re an ever-blooming rose and are inclined to be more cold tolerant than hybrid teas. They perform well across america for zones USDA 5-9.

Grandiflora Roses

These are made by crossing hybrid tea and floribunda’s. They flower in clusters with each person rose resembling a hybrid tea. Generally they do well where hybrid teas do well and are some what disease likely for southeast humidity and heat.

Hybrid Tea Roses

They do best where winter temperatures don’t fall below -10F and don’t do well in regions of humidity and heat. They’re a spectacular display of roses, provided they are planted where they grow best. Many individuals have planted these roses in zones where they don’t perform well and because of this they have a reputation of being somewhat tough to grow occasionally. Their famous for their devotion of a long stem high based bloom and are the roses that the florists prefer.

Modern Shrub Roses

These are a course composed by any rose that doesn’t belong to some other rose class. It isn’t small enough to be a mini and to short to be climbers. However, this category of roses is so varied that many resemble the other types of roses that make it a terrific appeal to the garden and anglers. They have a diverse variety of colour, blossom formation and climate range for growing.

Polyantha Roses

These are a compact grower that’s vigorous and tough from height to 1′ – 4′. It’s known as a fantastic rebloomer and the leaves to be disease resistant. They do great in zone 9 and 10 USDA. They great for container rose growing.

Species Roses

It refer to the best of the wild roses. These roses are utilized to taking care of themselves and understand neglect. Just choose one adapted to your climate and soil and they’ll make certain to look after themselves. They generally bear simple flowers or single with only five petals and many frequently bloom once a season. They are extremely hardy but better suited to an informal sort of garden.

Old Garden Roses

Also called antique rose’s, are renown for their great aromas and enormous blooms. They tend to bloom just once for a late spring flowering. These are the classics of a different era of love and romance. Old Garden contain, Alba, Bourbon, Centifolia, China, Damask, Gallica, Moss, Noisette, Tea and Hybrid perpetual.


Roses gardening may be simple, easy and a fun hobby that can give you good satisfaction. Provided that you remember to plant the ideal sort of roses for your place. Provide decent soil with good drainage and a sunny morning area with tons of space to grow. Water and feed them so and you’ll know that you have discovered the way to where the roses grow best and they’ll reward you and bring you flowers of abundant beauty every year.