Healthy food concept. Girl and boy preschool students eating their lunches of sandwich, fresh vegetables and berries from lunch boxes sitting outdoor.

If you keep on top of the information, you probably already know that obesity is the number one health issue and type II diabetes is becoming epidemic among US children. Yet, many parents are baffled at getting their kids to eat more healthful foods. Getting children to eat healthy is not as complex as it first seems. By following a couple of healthier eating tips for many months to a year, children will start to prefer nutritious food choices, because that is exactly what the body craves, anyhow. The tips include healthy choices, variety, colour, avoiding junk food and. . .very important, do-it-yourself directions.T

Make Healthy Food Choices

Controlling food choices is critical for children to start eating healthy. Food choices don’t need to be controlled in the house if they are controlled in the supermarket, cafeteria and restaurant. If this suggestion were used, kids would be much healthier than they are now. If it does not get in the basket, it does not come home. If it does not come home, it can not be eaten there. By simply choosing low fat, non fat, sugar free, and fresh, unprocessed foods, you can deal a death blow to obesity. “But my son will not drink diet soda” Fine, there is the water faucet! Which one of you is responsible for his health? “But my daughter’s college functions processed food meals for lunch.” Give her no lunch money… send her with a bag lunch… if they insist that they eat their lunch, find a more flexible school or one which serves only healthy food options. You always have the option to make ice cream or cake an occasional treat, but when somebody is loading up your child daily on sugars, fats and additives, they are literally poisoning and addicting the kid to things that will destroy their health.

One 4-year-old I understood naturally favored vegetables over everything else. Her mother forced her to eat pork chops like mine forced me to eat spinach. If your child obviously prefers things that are healthy, do not fight it. You can discover creative ways to include foods such as soy beans, nuts and legumes which are high in proteins. Don’t fight success! Don’t accept failure. Another family I knew had the mother scurrying to meet every small food taste the children had. It was that the one thing all of them enjoyed was beef, pizza (especially burgers ), cheese, corn and ice cream. Obviously, the entire family struggles with weight problems. The tip of creating healthy food choices is only effective if you apply the area to make those healthy choices consistently. Skipping back and forth can not be an alternative if your purpose is to teach your kids to make nutritious food choices.

Use Variety In Texture, Flavor And Color

Among the very helpful tips in aiming children toward healthy foods is to utilize a variety. Young children are attracted to bright primary colours, which is one reason yellow corn is a favorite. I didn’t like salad for a child, but it was always the same. . .iceberg tomatoes and lettuce… on Thanksgiving we have croutons. There are several lovely colors and interesting tastes in the vegetable section, there’s absolutely not any reason to use one dull recipe repeatedly. Vegetables are obviously colorful, full of several nutrients and unprocessed sugar. Fresh fruits are excellent snack and dessert replacements. Please, if you want children to like vegetables, do not use those mushy canned ones, they don’t have any nutrients and are the most unpleasant things for a child to eat. Almost everything in cans is also available frozen and is easy to cook, with a microwave. Use pepper, garlic powder, ground dill or basil for extra taste with no salt. Also, use variety in prep methods by going from stir-fry, to baked, to BBQ, etc.. The most changes in texture, color and taste of foods gives children an appreciation for the natural flavors of healthy foods.

Eating Healthy Saves Time And Money

Many people have the misconception that eating healthy is expensive and requires a whole lot of time. In my experience doing both, preparing healthy foods is not any more time consuming than preparing unhealthy foods. In actuality, the majority of recipes are faster and simpler to prepare, and there is no driving or waiting in line for the prepared foods. Time is just an excuse! As far as cost goes, well, there is a massive difference. Eating healthy is much less costly. The average household could save at least 75% of the food budget when they shifted to fresh meats, fruits and veggies and removed the prepared snacks and meals. Anyone can do this and enhance the health practices of the kids. All it takes is the decision to change and the discipline to keep it up.

Do It Yourself-Avoiding Junk Food

You might have noticed I speak a lot about preparing cooking and this that. That’s because one of the healthful eating practices every kid should learn is the custom of doing it yourself. By doing the cooking yourself, you set the example it can be achieved. . .you don’t need to bring your meal home already cooked from the shop or restaurant. Doing it yourself puts you in control of the total amount of salt, fat, carbohydrates and proteins in your meals. It’s much healthier! Also, one of the things which makes food intriguing is cooking it. If your children get to share in the preparation, they have a vested interest in eating the foods. You can not do this with dinner-in-a-box.

When we talk about using “do-it-yourself” to target your children toward eating healthy, there’s one hint that outweighs all others. If you want your children to eat healthy, do it yourself. You can not eat ice cream and tell them it is just for grown-ups. While puffing on a cigarette, my Dad told us to not smoke “It’s a filthy habit.” I’ll bet you know how that turned out. . .four from five of his kids smoked. If you want your children to eat healthy, set the example by eating healthy, yourself.


Needless to say, where kids are involved, there isn’t any guarantee, but the huge majority of kids will eat healthy if their parents make healthy food choices, use variety, plan and prepare the foods, and offer a wholesome eating example in their own choices. The bottom line typically, childhood obesity is not an epidemic… it is a decision. Choose health!