Young woman feeling painful in the throat

Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are white or yellow lumps attached to the throat. They are made up of keratin, bits of food, bacteria and white blood cells that have died. While they can get larger, they usually do not cause any real harm except for bad breath, coughing, a sore throat and pain when swallowing.

Home remedies to rid of tonsil stones.

Salt water gargle

This is one of the least invasive home remedy and can be very effective, though it may take up to two weeks to see results. Simply gargle with a solution of salty, warm water many times a day, and the stones should begin to dissolve. This will also stop them from growing larger as the salt water should remove any bits of food that get caught on the stones. Also be sure to drink plenty of water on a regular basis. Keeping the throat lubricated and encouraging swallowing is also a good way to lose some stones.

Knock ’em off

Using a Popsicle stick, a cotton swab, or even a toothbrush or one of your fingers, gently push and lift upwards and the stones should just come off. It is important to gargle with salt water afterwards to disinfect the area where the stones were. Never force a stone off, if it does not come off with gently prodding don not try one of these methods of removal.

 Fenugreek, Garlic

The healing properties of garlic are amazing. Try chewing on a clove at nights before bed to rid yourself of tonsil stones. Garlic is a natural antibiotic as well, and will help heal any areas where stones are removed. Boil some fenugreek seeds for  30 minutes and drink a mix of the seeds and warm water for a natural remedy.

Tonsil stones, while not usually harmful are an annoyance. They can be painful and cause extreme bad breath which can be socially damaging. Try these natural tonsil stone remedies to rid the pain and the annoyance of tonsil stones.