Ingredients containing vitamins B1 (thiamine). Ingredients of a healthy and balanced diet.

Around 15 percent of American women are experiencing female pattern baldness caused by androgenic alopecia. For a female, losing hair can be a much more catastrophic procedure than it is for a man. Women are quite judged on their personal appearance, and thinning hair can appear to be a de-beautification procedure.


Self-esteem is consequently affected and confidence levels dwindle. In women that suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, it’s believed that the excessively high levels of male hormone and its byproduct, dihydrotestosterone, are primarily responsible for follicle fallout. This is problematic in menopausal women, also.

Polycystisk ovariesyndrom

In polycystic ovarian syndrome, hair is thinned just like it is when a man loses his hair. The difference between both is that when the hair starts to quit introducing fresh expansion, the follicles continue to stay alive. Traditionally, this procedure eliminates off the follicle root entirely. This means that hair growth and PCOS baldness treatment remains a very real possibility since baldness has not happened.

Hormonal fluctuations of the male hormone testosterone appear to be the primary cause of baldness in women. Women shed hair during menopause, birth control use, post menopausal conditions, and following a recent pregnancy. Estrogen changes are different and aren’t as directly involved with thinning hair.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is also commonly paired with hypothyroidism. This malfunction of the thyroid may promote weight gain and continued hair issues. This activates a woman’s confidence in her appearance to fall even lower. There are ways to fight this transformation and recover hair. PCOS baldness treatments begin with changing your diet. Consuming better foods rich in magnesium, iron, and other minerals will start you on your journey to a complete head of hair. If you are not able to eat a healthier diet which assists your body nutritionally, add a multivitamin supplement to your daily diet.

Stop smoking!

Cease smoking, if appropriate. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome may develop specific cigarette smoke compounds, which then can wreak havoc on the hairline. This may also assist oxygen flow although the veins and improve health overall.

Supplements are a highly recommended PCOS baldness treatment option. B vitamins are strongly suggested. Studies have shown, however, the supplement saw palmetto is equally as effective in developing hair in women. This supplement also combats hirsutism, which is where a female has facial hair that grows in rough and thick. Provillius is a supplement which uses saw palmetto and other essential vitamins to restore hair growth. This could be a more favorable option over needing to consume numerous pills and capsules on a regular basis.

A women’s last PCOS baldness treatment choice is to undergo a hair transplant. This is where your hair is moved from a region where thinning isn’t happening, usually at the bottom of the scalp and neck, and put where hair recession is notable. This is a costly procedure, but it’s permanent. This procedure usually takes one or two years to finish.


There are lots of very simple approach to combat a baldness problem with a PCOS baldness treatment option. It’s an issue of pooling your hair restoration knowledge and altering your lifestyle to one that encourage a gorgeous head of hair.