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Pet owners that want the best for their dogs frequently choose organic food rather than normal meals, but is this really the ideal option? Should pet owners like you solely rely on the advertisements of major pet food brands or if you start looking into picking a more organic diet to your dog?

There are several advantages and disadvantages of organic food which each and every concerned dog owner should bear in mind. If you care about the well-being of your dog, it is important to check out the advantages and disadvantages of your choice.


The most obvious benefit is the nutritious quality of the food itself. Commercial pet food manufacturers commonly use something called “filler” ingredients, which can be preservatives and additives that you would not find in organic dog foods. When your dog eats organic food, he’s far more likely to consume all of the nutrients and minerals instead of standard dog food.

Secondly, organic dog food is packed full of vitamins such as: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and lots of more. Regular pet foods are often missing important vitamins and nutrients.

So why does this matter?

The nutrition and vitamin profile of your pet’s food may have a substantial influence on the endurance and energy level of your dog. A good diet of organic dog food may also boost his immunity to allergies, diseases, and total disease.

Usually, organic food is free of dangerous and harmful byproducts, which may be harmful to your pet’s health.


Because you are paying for high quality components, organic dog food (and any organic food, really) will end up costing you more. On average, every healthy organic meal is going to wind up costing you around a buck more per serving.

Another drawback about organic dog food is that it’s much less commonly available than many commercial dog foods. Where you might easily locate commercial food at the local grocery store, you might need to shop online or at specialty pet shops to find great organic food to your dog.

Finally, organic food hasn’t been shown to be scientifically better for your dog than regular business food. However, studies have proven that a high quality diet will play an essential role in bone, cardiovascular, joint health, and helps prevent illness.

What if I choose traditional?

Every dog owner should think very carefully about these pros and cons. Many people (incorrectly) assume that the big brands on TV would be the best foods you can get for your dog.

Unfortunately, that is simply not correct. As a responsible dog owner, you need to look closely at the individual ingredients of whatever you’re feeding your pets to be certain that there is nothing detrimental to its health.

If you love your dog and would like to make that excess investment to keeping your dog healthy, we strongly recommend choosing high quality and wholesome food. In the future, this will result in reduced health costs and a high quality of life for your dog.