Preparation of tincture from white willow bark

Having debilitating PMS symptoms sometimes can be unmanageably tough to take care of. In many cases we just take pain relief medications to decrease the pain but unwanted effects we get from these medications also can be very irritating. Fortunately last couple of years there’s many organic supplements and PMS herbal remedies vastly available for us to assist with our PMS pain. Some of those herbals been used centuries across the world. One of this well-known herbal is known as white willow bark.

White Willow bark is nature’s natural pain reliever, the original source of aspirin. The history usage of white willow bark medicinally goes far back, possibly back 400 BC can you believe it. Early Greek doctor Hippocrates let his patients to chew on the bark to reduce their fever and inflammation. White Willow bark is the original source of aspirin. The white willow bark includes active ingredient called salicin, which the body converts into salicylic acid. Probably you might hear about acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) which is chemically synthesized by drug companies. It reduces soreness and aches, has analgesic, anti-fever, and antiseptic properties.

As expert at creating and using herbal medicines Native Americans and Chinese herbalists are generally used white willow bark to treat menstrual cramps, neck and back pain, muscle aches and arthritis, headaches. It works by lowering the body’s levels of prostaglandins – hormone-like compounds that regulate many activities within the body. Therefore with the right PMS herbal remedies delivers the results you desire and less painful period.

Sure we could visit the any supermarket and purchase medications that mask symptoms of PMS but they all going to do is simply mask the symptoms. However, none of these drugs worked to treat the core nutritional deficiency and supply the critical nutrients that we lost during our monthly period to boost our general body’s strength, enabling it to be ready and prepared for the next cycle. Natural PMS Remedies works nicely with your own Immune system.