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I’m suffering from conjunctivitis, or pink eye -that sounds light-hearted but is really a misery. The doctor says this may be brought on by an infection, a virus or, in any case, an allergy. I had it 8 months ago and took antibiotics and antihistamines. It eventually went six weeks afterwards. This present bout hasn’t improved despite my taking the exact medication and making numerous visits to various GPs. Could you throw some light on the cause and suggest a non-drug remedy? I’m fit and active. I lost one of my sons in an accident three years ago and have felt mentally brittle since then but have never taken medication.


Conjunctivitis is a condition where the apparent membrane (conjunctiva) covering the white of the eye and lining the eyelids, becomes inflamed. There are many very fragile blood vessels or vessels in the membrane, which might dilate, causing pink eye, because of number of causes – principally viral or bacterial infection, or irritation due to smoke, pollution or ultraviolet light. Allergic conjunctivitis is generally a response to dust, pollen and other airborne substances and is frequently linked to hay fever. If that is the problem, you must turn detective and discover the offender, then avoid it as far as possible, in addition to after my suggestions below.

The symptoms

They usually develop over a few hours, often when you first wake up, and normally include redness of the white of the eye, gritty and uncomfortable feeling in the eye, itching and swelling of the eyelids, and a discharge, which is yellow and thick or clear and watery. Sufferers may also be not able to bear bright light and will need to wear dark glasses.

The capillaries in the eye may also dilate or rupture (either spontaneously or because of toxicity in the blood), which provides he eye a bloodshot appearance and a muddy brown colour. This is because blood includes iron, the key part of haemoglobin (which creates red blood cells). When the blood flooding to the surface, the iron can get oxidised by the oxygen from the air and becomes brownish ferrous (iron) oxide. Blood vessels in the eye may also constrict, usually as a result of high blood pressure, which makes them look like tiny snakes or rats. Although conjunctivitis is common, and not serious in itself you should always check with your physician if an eye is red and painful for over a brief time. In actuality, the blood vessels of the eye can be analyzed to evaluate the state of the whole body.

Stress may also be a factor in conjunctivitis, and you’ve had a lot together with your current bereavement. I hope you find some time to care for yourself.

Suggestions for helping your eyes

      • Homoeopathic euphrasia: place 1 drop in the eye in the morning for ten days.
      • Organic rosewater: place 1 drop in the eye at bedtime for 2 weeks.
      • Calcium citrate capsules: take one daily for 2 months to help strengthen blood vessels so that they don’t rupture so readily.
      • Haldi capsules: take one daily for a month to assist the inflammation.
      • Vitamin C pills: take one 500mg tablet daily for 2 months, to help strengthen blood vessels.
      • Kadu: soak three twigs in a cup of warm water at night, then strain and drink daily for 2 months.
      • When your eyes are itchy and red, rub your palms until they are hot afterward cup them over your eyes. Repeat this five times, two times a day: the heat will help to heal.
      • Drink fresh carrot, celery and ginger juice three times a week this will function as an anti-inflammatory and a detoxifying agent.
      • Avoid coffee, extra salt yeast goods, canned foods, cheese. Mushrooms, citrus or sour fruits (like orange, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, mangoes, tomatoes, kiwi, rhubarb, olives).
      • Make sure that you aren’t constipated, as frequently that could make the body feel’poisonous’ and cause problems like this.