Asian woman suffering back pain

Lumbago or lower back pain, also called backache is a very common disorder linked to our muscles and skeleton. The name is such because the principal subject of pain is located between the ribs and hipbones (lumbar region). According to Wikipedia, about 80% people used to suffer with this disorder at some point in their lives.

Lumbago or backache

It can be classified into acute, semi-acute and chronic; based on the nature of the pain you’re feeling. In general conditions, acute or the mild-state of pain is the most usual. However, often it grows to the chronic state where the patient suffers from acute continuous pain that typically lasts for three months or more. Anybody in the younger ones to the older people can suffer from mild or chronic Lumbago.

So what causes this backache?

The usual reason behind Lumbago is strenuous physical tasks like excessive work and related to younger people typically. Poor muscular structure or past spinal injuries can also produce backache. Other causes include improper posture, wrong functioning of kidneys, muscle sprain, ruptured intervertebral disc, unequal leg length and so forth. If you are feeling chronic backache, then it becomes important for you to stop by the doctor to check the actual causes; sometime Lumbago can just be a sign of other serious underlying disorders of the body.

Symptoms of Lumbago

Lower back pain is the general indication of it. However, the actual symptoms may differ from people to people. Such pain can be concentrated to a particular region or may spread affecting nearby areas too! It may be continuous pain, or you might feel it at some particular point of time like whenever you attempt to bend or when you rise from sitting posture. Moreover, stiffness in the spinal region, acute pain in the back and the neck area, nausea, etc are also serving as the symptom of Lumbago or backache.

Home remedies for Lumbago


A combination of wheat with cuscus grass and coriander will definitely enable you to seek relief from backache. To prepare, first take about 60 gm of wheat in water and boil it overnight. In the following morning, include 30 gm of cuscus grass and coriander to it. Later again boil the mix of the three in 250 tsp of milk until just two-third of this remedy is left. Regular intake of the mixture is helpful.


Another effective approach to deal with Lumbago is using garlic cloves, or garlic oil. To prepare the oil, you have to fry few garlic cloves in 60 tsp of mustard oil; allow it to cool down and then apply this oil in your back.


You should include such foods in your diet chart that contains more vitamin C. For example, citrus food, tomatoes and strawberries, etc.

Likewise, regular exercise is very important to cure Lumbago or backache. You must do frequent cycling, swimming, walking, etc. as they would help in stretching your muscles properly. Do not go for weights that are too heavy for you. If you’re in such a job, which requires you to be in sitting position for many hours a day; better try to take breaks in between by rising and walking. Furthermore, sleeping on a soft mattress is essential. Sleep in your back and avoid sleeping on your sides. Use of a pillow to support your head will be good too.