Stilvolle Wohnzimmer Interieur gefüllt eine Menge von schönen Pflanzen in verschiedenen Design-Töpfe. Zusammensetzung der Heimat Garten Dschungel. Moderne Wohnkultur. Floral Konzept. Vorlage.

Having plant inside is a fantastic way, not just to keep your home looking great, in addition, it will help cleanse and purify that air that circulates inside. In actuality, indoor plants are highly suggested for poorly ventilated or closed areas to enhance the quality and Oxygen level of the atmosphere. Here are the ten of the best indoor plants which can do the job.

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

This gorgeous plant is also called cable vine and grows up to 12 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. You may end up new growth around the topiary to keep it looking great. You can even use this as a dwelling framework and grow flowering plants in its base. It’s suitable indoors as it thrives in direct sunlight. Care has to be taken not to overwater this plant or allow its soil dry out either. Keep it healthy by trimming away dry leaves and shielding it from insect pests.

Cactus Combo Bonsai

lives up to its title by acting like a dessert plant. It’s a really low maintenance plant that needs minimal water but a lot of light. You don’t even need to water during winter as it goes dormant. And being a bonsai, it only grows up to 8 inches high. It’s fantastic for people who don’t have enough time to tend their crops or those who is always away from their houses.

Palm plant varieties

are extremely good indoor plants since they’re proven to be excellent air purifying plants. Apart from that, they’re also quite adaptable to indoor climbing conditions and do not have to be watered frequently. Some of those palm plant varieties are bamboo palm, ponytail palm, areca palm and woman palm. However, these plants aren’t modest and some can grow up to six feet tall.

Chinesischer Immergrün

is just another indoor air purifier that is relatively easy to look after. It grows well under low light conditions and has to be held in warm temperatures. Make sure the soil is dry between watering, otherwise it might kill the plant. It can grow up to three feet in height.

Moth Orchid

is for people who like to grow flowering plant inside. Moth Orchid has white blossoms with little striped of fuchsia and can last up to three months. It enjoys indirect sunlight and may be placed in almost any area of your residence. It’s a fantastic air purifier, also.


is an elegant-looking plant which has bold and shiny leaves which are sometimes decorated with white flower stalks. It takes away some dangerous toxins in the air. This plant likes to be stored away from direct light and have to be dried out between watering. But be careful, especially with pets and small kids, as it can be mildly toxic when ingested.

Spider plant

is a recommended house plant for beginners since it lives well in almost any circumstances and can be put in any regions of the home. But it grows best with indirect sunlight and little water. With its long narrow leaves, this plant reduces pollutants in the atmosphere and purifies it.


is a cascading vine plant with beautiful leaves that makes it an fantastic hanging plant. It’s quite tolerant of any conditions including low light and irregular watering. It may be potted in any container, can even develop roots in a glass of water and grows abundantly in warm location.

Snake plant

is a insect repellant plant and is an great indoor plant for bedroom since it releases Oxygen during the evening. It’s a tough plant that can handle indoor environment, but grow best under low light and warm conditions. Just take care it is not overwatered. Otherwise, it will rust.


is among the most common indoor plants due to its flowers. It’s an amazing looking flowering plant with many color variations such purple, pink, white, etc.. It will not grow tall making it a great indoor decoration. It requires very little exposure to sunlight but dirt must be kept moist (not soggy) constantly.