Fröhliche Frau genießt die Freiheit des Strandes, steht mit offenen Armen und einem glücklichen Lächeln zum Himmel schauend

Everyone wants to be happy. When you choose to be happy you’re opening the door to love and inner peace. Many men and women are ready to spent millions of dollars to find happiness. Some of the affluent people in the world have spent their lives hunting for the secret to a happy life. Happiness can be described as a feeling of joy, excitement, pleasure, serenity, tranquility and calmness. It’s something that you experience within yourself. Happiness is a decision. You can be happy, healthy and wealthy or sad, miserable and poor. Your mind is a very powerful tool. As you programme your mind towards happiness, your subconscious mind starts to believe them and sooner or later your negative thoughts become fewer and happiness becomes part of your life.

To be full of happiness you will need a clean mind. A fresh mind in a fresh body. Your past is carried in the present moment. You may change anytime. If you continue to think the exact same thought you stay bound. Once you change your thinking and beliefs your attitude towards life changes and you’ll be a different person. Man is the Master of thoughts, the moulder of character, and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and fate. You create your own circumstances. The greatest discovery of our generation is man by changing the inner attitude of his thinking can change the outside conditions. So to have a happy life you need great attitude. Your attitude controls every facet of your life. The sales results you’re getting or the success in your company or personal life will be the reflections of your mindset. Whatever comes into your life is the result of your mental attitude. Your attitude controls your happiness, health and prosperity. A fantastic attitude always gets great results. Your attitude controls your whole life. It comprises of your ideas, feelings and actions. Your attitude is everything about you.

If you would like to be happy you can’t reside in the past. Your past can’t be changed. Even your creator can’t change your past. But you can learn from your previous failures. God has given you the ability to control your mind. Once the mind begins to control you, you life will be a catastrophe. You have to understand how to control your mind. A gardener works day and night maintaining his garden free of weeds and insects and grow flowers, vegetables and fruits so in case you wish to be happy you must tend the garden of your mind, weeding out all of the useless and impure thoughts and cultivate pure and right thoughts. By doing this sooner or later you may attract happiness in your life. You came into this world full of happiness but as you begin to grow the exterior world and the environment programmed your head towards unhappiness. Now you must reprogramme your subconscious mind to bring back joy and happiness in your life. The happiness is already there, it’s like a rusty diamond which has to be polished. Once it’s polished it sparkles again.

Happy men and women enjoy tranquility, decent health and higher self esteem. They have enormous power. They have a dynamic character. When you’re a happy person you can change the negative to positive, bad news to good news. The Universe is you and you’re the Universe. You have the ability to change. You need to learn what sort of ideas are coming to your mind. 95 percent of the time the identical thought comes again and again like a roller coaster. Start to think otherwise to have different notions. Do gardening, go for running, make new friends, become a member of this laugher club or maybe you have a new job. See what has to be changed. Once the mental block is eliminated happiness flows through you.