Entzündete Haut des Gesichts bei Pickeln und Akne. Keloid-Narben von Akne.

Sometimes the scars left by acne may cause more concern than the acne itself. Acne scars can leave your face with big pits and open pores which are extremely visible and difficult to hide. The best way to manage pimple scars would be to act quickly, the longer the acne is left untreated the more likely it’s to leave a scar.


Acne scars form since the skin tissue was damaged. Whenever you form a place the body will begin to repair itself. Your immune system will attempt to manage the inflammation and germs and your body will begin to replace skin cells to repair the skin surface. Unfortunately the body does so in the most practical way it may, repairing skin is your priority not the decorative effect of the fix.

Cystic acne

is the most likely sort of acne to leave you with scars because the huge pus filled cysts place the maximum strain on the skin. It’s important not to select or attempt to burst the stains. This is only going to disperse bacteria causing more spots to form and is very likely to result in an acne scar as you’ve damaged the skin surface which makes repair more challenging.

Instead, try to wash out the spot. You will need to decrease the swelling and kill any germs. This will enable your body to repair the skin. For large individual spots you will find two quite fast and effective spot remedies you can try


It has been used successfully to treat spots and scars. Try adding a little turmeric powder to honey and apply the mix as a cleansing lotion every day. You could even combine honey with finely ground oatmeal and employ as a face pack. This permits the honey time to operate and will also help prevent additional spots.


The interior of orange skin has also been used to decrease acne scars. Either mash skin to form a pulp or lightly rub the skin with the interior of the orange peel.

I began by saying that the body will do all it can to fix your skin. You can allow it to do that by providing your system with elevated levels of nutrients. You particularly need to offer high levels of vitamins E and C. Vitamin E is found in many nuts and seeds, almonds hazel nuts and pumpkin seeds are great, and you just need a few daily to find high levels of this vitamin. Both vitamins are found in green leafy vegetables.