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The palms of our hands contain around 600 sweat glands per square centimeter. Sweaty hands, also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, occurs when our palms sweat excessively, even when conditions don’t warrant such a drastic sweating response. The condition is quite embarrassing. But what makes it worst is that it can hamper a sufferer from certain activities such as handling delicate equipment or documents, shaking hands with other people, or even driving.

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Natural remedies are popular among people who have palmar hyperhidrosis. Here are some of the ones that you can do at home.

      • Weiser – Drinking sage tea made from fresh leaves is said to control sweating. Combining liquid chlorophyll and sage extract in orange juice is also beneficial.
      • Apple cider vinegar at daily dose, with organic honey is also a good remedy.
      • Baking soda – Spread baking soda on your palms a few hours before bedtime then wash it off and dry your hands thoroughly before going to bed.
      • Let some tea leaves or tea bags steep in a small basin of warm water. After 30  immerse your hands, palms down, in the tea water for 15 to 30 minutes. Wash your hands in cool water then dry your hands thoroughly.
      • Sea salt – take a teaspoon of sea salt daily to help flush out the toxins that contribute to sweating.
      • Water – Drink plenty of water to help regulate the body temperature and keep you hydrated. Avoid coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks because they dehydrate you and stimulate sweat production.