Candida auris Pilz, aufkommender multiresistenter Pilz, 3D-Illustration

When it comes to treating fungal infections from the body Natural Candida Therapies come to mind as they concentrate on the main issues over the apparent symptoms that modern medicine prefers to take care of.


It’s estimated that 80 percent of the populace have Candida in their own bodies and as many as 90 percent are totally unaware of this. If you’ve tried to use natural Candida remedies to no avail then you need to read on and learn about what they’ve all been doing wrong. There are two chief methods for treating Candida. The contemporary medical way using medication and the natural way using a variety of remedies and diet because of their cornerstones.

Natural Candida Therapies


    • Fast acting relief in most cases
    • Safe, natural, side effects are rare to non invasive
    • Cheap and Inexpensive to start getting results
    • Provide long term relief
    • Can Sometimes provide permanent relief


    • Can take more than medication to give relief
    • Requires discipline to never cheat on diet
    • Long term relief can’t be provide from just using common natural Candida Therapies.

The significant problem as I mentioned above with natural Candida treatments is that they don’t target the root cause. Until this course cause is addressed and treated Candida may not be completely removed, treating the root cause is where the treatment for Candida lies.

The root cause

First you want to understand the root causes, and how they could create Candida in the body.


Parasites are foreign organisms in your body which feed from the nutrients that you’re supposed to otherwise be consuming. They are also able to take your oxygen away and hemoglobin, so for those suffering from breathing issues, much of the can directly be associated with this. In addition to all this they interrupt your digestion and may create allergies and sensitivities within your body to just about everything, they also happen to feed from sugar exactly like Candida does. So the sugar removal is absolutely key. As well about 90 percent of individuals that suffer from Candida have parasites. In my mind though this is similar to 100% as it’s been suggested that all of us have them, but those who have compromised immune systems can not fight them off efficiently enough.


The upcoming key cause is heavy metals. These may include mercury, lead, copper and aluminum. In the event of Candida, mercury is an important problem as it’s been proven to cause rapid growth of Candida in the body and block the entire elimination of Candida also. The significant source of mercury toxicity is because of amalgams and assorted pieces of metal in the mouths of millions of people. Until all of the metal is removed and completely detoxified a Candida victim can never expect complete recovery.

As you can see the normal natural Candida therapies available don’t target these other issues and because of this full recovery from Candida isn’t occurring.

Many times removal of the metals and parasites are still insufficient and people will need to address certain environmental and chemical sensitivities they might be experiencing that are keeping their immune system suppressed. This suppression is what continues to keep Candida overgrown from the body. However there are ancient organic therapies which have been shown to really purify the body and remove these allergies and sensitivities permanently. Besides this many individuals chronic Candida problems are due to organ dysfunction due to toxicity from the body, these early organic therapies can target this issue also.


There are a few Natural Candida remedies available which will target these root causes and because of this end your Candida suffering for life. Once these issues are corrected an individual may fully realize and experience lasting Candida free wellness.