Chiasamen Sprossen Makroaufnahme

If you like to season and taste your cooking with spices and fresh ingredients such as basil, rosemary and oregano but are disappointed about them not being available in stores, you might go to get a chia herb garden in your home. A good deal of individuals scout for dry or fresh aromatic plants in supermarkets or visit specialization, but what most people don’t understand is that it’s fairly easy to grow those culinary ingredients right in your house with a chia herb garden. Not only will you save money and time on all those shopping trips, there’s something about using home grown fresh herbs which does magic into the cooking!

Outdoor or indoor

Outdoor gardens can provide a fantastic source but only during a specific season or if there is a lot of sunshine but come winter, most herbs die away. People with outside gardens ensure they have a fantastic source of herbs during winter by massaging the plants and stocking up them in airtight jars, but while a few tender basil or celery can improve your cooking, there’s nothing on par with all the flavor and aroma of a new leaves.

With a chia herb garden it is possible to maintain a year round supply of herbs for your kitchen because these gardens work both outdoors and indoors and you don’t have to be worried about cold winters. If you ever feel that there’s a cold nip in the air, all you’ve got to do is move your chia garden inside and see it prosper. Just remember to carefully read the instructions that come in addition to the kit, it will certainly mention that the minimum numbers of hours that it needs to be subjected to sunlight. So, even through those winters, simply keep a tab on when the sun visits your house daily, pick the sunniest windowsill or corner and set the chia herb garden there. It’ll brighten up your gloomy, wintery days with the odor and flavor of your aromatic plants.

Also, be certain that the chia sponge never becomes dry and frequently inspect for any signs of the leaves becoming wilted. These precautions should be more than adequate to find a guaranteed supply throughout the year.

About taste

There’s a debate among die-hard herb fans whether indoor grown herbs taste like those raised in the outside but there’s hardly any evidence or evidence to support either claim. So if you’d hesitated to invest in a chia herb garden believing the herbs might not be on par with those grown outdoors with regard to their flavor or fragance, don’t ponder anymore!

A chia garden ensures your herbs are ready in no time for cooking or medicinal purposes. Unlike conventional gardening, where the seeds or saplings may take some time to show results, the chia sponge helps to ensure that these herbs grow in no time – prepared for that sumptuous feast that you’re planning.


It should come as little surprise that it’s preferable to begin using fresh herbs grown right at your house instead of those in the supermarket which will be occasionally dry and wilted. A chia herb garden is a terrific way of ensuring regular supply of fresh herbs throughout the year.