Henna-Pulver. Henna-Paste. Bereiten Sie die Hennapaste zu Hause zu. Stilleben mit Henna und Löwenzahn. Konzentrieren Sie sich auf das Pulver.

Since time immemorial, henna is traditionally being regarded as the most effective natural remedy to take care of problematic hair. Being a natural herbal powder, it’s tremendous hair recovery properties. Here are 5 amazing advantages of henna for hair.

Encourages Hair Growth

Henna promotes hair growth by making each strands powerful and supplying them intense nourishment. The best choice to promote hair growth is to use henna enriched oils with vital nutrients.

Colours Gray Hair

Henna is a excellent ingredient to eliminate gray hair. If you’re sensitive to ammonia- based compound crèmes and dyes and searching for a milder choice to get an everlasting youth, then henna is the best option. Just create a homemade henna hair pack with yogurt, tea leaves, egg whites, and lemon juice and see the difference. You will find a healthy hair with red tint that will just look stunning.

You may also use a bunch of henna, coffee and beetroot package for colouring gray hair. However, you need to be certain that you buy high- quality henna from a fantastic brand and utilize appropriate quantities. It will enable you to get best results with no side-effects.

Even if you’re experiencing premature graying of hair, henna can easily come to your rescue. So cease investing in chemical-based products and elect for this awesome herbal remedy.

Keeps Hair Healthy

Applying henna package two times per month makes hair lustrous, strong and voluminous. It will replenish damaged hair strands and keep the pH balance of the scalp. Henna is also a wonderful natural conditioner for hair which protects it from dust and free radicals and gives intense nourishment to it. Mix henna with honey and coconut milk to making hair healthy.

Prevents Hair Loss

Blending henna with mustard oil controls hair loss and makes it healthy from the long-run. Both are excellent remedies in treating thinning of hair and receding hairline in women.

      • Take suitable amounts of mustard oil in a mixing bowl. Put a few of henna leaves into it, and heat thoroughly.
      • Allow the mix to cool in room temperature.
      • You may use curd or lime juice into the mix for getting best results.
      • After cooling, use a muslin cloth to stain the oil. Accumulate it in an air tight box.

With every massage with this oil, hair gets powerful and hair loss is prevented. You can see and feel hair getting dense and thick. Make sure that you do it frequently.

Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is an irritating hair problem which affects nearly everybody. Henna helps to deal with dandruff, itchy scalp and scalp infections efficiently. For treating dandruff with henna prepare a bunch with a few fenugreek seeds (and immerse them through the night . Now crush them. Take some mustard oil and boil it with a few of leaves of henna in it.

Then place the fenugreek paste in the oil and use it on your scalp. Keep for 30 minutes and wash it off with water. For best results, use it for once per week. Bockshornklee is a rich source of protein that offers essential nutrients to the hair follicles, whereas mustard oil boosts blood circulation in the scalp. When used together with henna, they may be a marvellous mix for hair.

Besides dandruff, the soothing and conditioning properties of henna can tackle scalp ailments and itchy scalp efficiently. The scalp is relaxed radically, and dehydration is controlled to a large extent.