If you’ve ever suffered with the acute baldness that telogen effluvium may bring, then you know that you’re sometimes willing to try just about any treatment so as to find some progress or relief.

Though there’s a enormous marketplace for external topicals which are used outside the body and on the scalp, many have their own doubts about these treatments as this sort of hair loss is believed to have internal causes.

Acupuncture for baldness

Many men and women want to find internal treatments instead. One example is acupuncture. A growing number of people are suggested to go and see an acupuncturist to heal their hair loss. The process doesn’t hurt and it helps with numerous difficulties.

The idea behind a lot of Chinese medicine (in addition to acupuncture) is to create balance in your body. The point is that when something is out of balance in your body, then you’ll see this in places where your body is sick or unwell.

Acupuncture is now utilised in an attempt to enhance a huge array of medical issues. In baldness disorders, the objective is two fold. The first is to tonify or provide balance to your system. The second purpose is to provide increased blood circulation and stimulation to the scalp, which explains the reason why the needles are usually placed there.

Reasons why it may work

Some state that they believed that this process helped them somewhat, but they weren’t sure if what helped was that the decrease in stress they felt following the process or something else. That might be because as it’s believe that telogen effluvium usually means that a trigger has put your hair in the shedding or rest phase and the cause has to be eliminated (and the hair needs to go at the developing stage ) in order for this to stop.

If your trigger has something to do with a medical deficiency that the acupuncture can help with, then it’s plausible that you could have some success with this. And, I’ve had people tell me that the process has helped to balance their hormones. If hormones are a possible cause of yours, then ‘s a positive thought also.

But if your hair loss is the result of a event like childbirth or surgery, time is most likely going to be your very best medicine since you need to await the hair to return in the developing phase. This ‘s not to say that the increased blood circulation to your scalp won’t be beneficial.

Most agree that the procedure is painless and relaxing so there’s no harm in giving it a try even if it’s only providing stress relief and enhanced blood circulation. And you won’t know if the rewards go beyond that unless you try it.


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